ONLINE written sessions

Report containing psychic information about YOU.

Send me your questions and/or let me tune in and write about your true soul qualities and strengths.

Knowledge that can transform your life!

We will clear karma, that is no longer needed, for your growth (Often it tends to linger on, for much longer than we need it to).
You can learn much more about:
  • Your UNIQUE spiritual abilities(Every soul has their own)
  • Your inner soul structure, tones and qualities
  • Your home universe
  • Why old patterns persist
  • How to design your everyday life, to fit your inner being
  • Why certain situations/people bring you down or into hardship
  • How to FREE your self from UNWANTED heaviness, draining of energy, hopelessness.

Blessings Anneli

Are you ready to really change your life?

For the past 8 years I hvad been happy to serve hundreds of people around the world and I still loooooove this job :)

"If people just knew what a soul clearing does no one would hesitate to have it really changes your life! This I can only thank you for with all my heart!"

Learn how to acces your own akashic records or work as an intuitive supporting others in their souls growth

Soul Realignment: Akashic Record Reading

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