Bokrelease, boksignering + fördrag med Hasse Oreheim 30sep + 1okt 
Anmälan till Betina 0735360059 /
Skördefest 2016: 3-double glas utställning 
Spännande glas skulpture av Mikael Axenbrant visas i The Glass BOX samt unikka dricksglas, vaser och ljuslyktor av Jeanette Leanartsdotter + nytt konstglas/lampor & smycken av Betina Huber - Välkomna 
Porträtt-blindteckningar utföras "live" och så finns där gott om närproducerat naturgodis för hela familjen. 


Betina Huber
The Glass BOX
Köpmangatan 8c
38650 Mörbylånga 
Öland / Sweden
+46 (0) 735360059

Artist & Designer

 I live and work on the magical Island Öland in Sweden. It is here I have found myself, and my connection to nature and life. My passions for biology, math, history and archeology is more and more woven into my artwork and I am growing tremendously as an artist - here in the middle of ancient stone monuments, fossils and a unique landscape.
I use the glass I create, as my canvas - where I translate my thoughts and feelings into a visual language that I carve into the glass, by sandblasting the surface. I work with different layers of color in my pieces, and often with more layers of meaning and symbols as well.
I strive to create with my heart, and therefore I seek new ways constantly to express myself and to evolve as an artist.

Artglass by Betina Huber

New Beginnings
Welcome to my Gallery
on Öland / Sweden 
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