Watch Justified Season 4 Episode 1 - Full Streaming

Watch Justified Season 4 Episode 1 - Full Streaming. Previewed! While running down a vicious fugitive, Raylan finds evidence his family is at the center of a legendary unsolved mystery. General more info: Justified follows Marshal Raylan Givens, a modern day 19th century-style lawman, who is enforcing his brand of justice in a way that puts a target on his back with criminals and places him at odds with his bosses in the Marshal service. Resulting in a reassignment to the U.S. District covering the town that he grew up in. Slaughterhouse reviewed! Raylan seeks information on Quarles' location after Tom's killing. The location of where Devil's body is buried is revealed and Boyd is taken in. Ava and Johnny suspect Arlo slipped out the information. Quarles takes a woman and her two sons hostage and finds out he needs $500,000 in order to "return home". Quarles uses the hostages to get Raylan to take him up to Limehouse in order to get the money. Raylan convinces Limehouse that giving Quarles the money would give him the peace he longed for. Limehouse starts dumping out the money he stores in his dead pigs. Errol shows up and shoots Quarles. This causes Quarles to return fire and shoot Errol, allowing Limehouse to chop off Quarle's arm. Laying on the floor, Quarles reveals that Arlo was actually the one who killed Tom. Arlo is taken in and not only confesses to shooting Tom, but also takes blame for Devil's death. Allowing Boyd to go free, Raylan goes to visit Winona and says Arlo told him he thought he had shot Raylan instead of Tom. Watch Justified Season 4 Episode 1 - Full Streaming above. Enjoy watching and have a great day! DON'T COPY THIS ARTICLES!!! WE DON'T DISTURB YOU AND WE RESPECT YOURS WORK!!!