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  • 1. Can I really have a website completely free of charge? Yes
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    YES, you got it right. You can have a completely free website at, for instance, with up to 10 web pages and 25 mb storage space. In the system you can buy your own domain name, additional pages, more storage space and a series of modules at low one-off prices.

  • 2. Can I have my own domain? Yes
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    YES, you can buy a domain directly in the system (currently only .dk domains) or point an existing domain (all types) at your website via your own DNS administration (no worries, we have plenty of instructions).

  • 3. I already have my own domain - can I use this at Bricksite? Yes
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    YES, you can point any domain at your website. To do so, you have to attach the domain via the shop directly in the system. If you wish to move your domain, you can currently also move your existing .dk domain to your website at Bricksite.

  • 4. Is it true that there is no subscription? Yes
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    YES, our basic package is completely free of charge, and modules, web pages, storage space etc. are available at one-off prices. This means that once you have paid for a module (e.g. a guestbook), you don't have to pay for it again. Some elements, like email accounts (on your own domain), include subscriptions, which means that you pay for a 12-month period.

  • 5. Can I get support if I run into problems? Yes
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    YES, you can find a lot of answers and instructions on If you cannot find the answer to your question, you can write to our supporter directly from the system. We always reply within a few hours. No telephone support available.

  • 6. Can I create my own design? Yes
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    YES, with the module Design Studio, you can adjust all design templates in the system. If you wish to start (almost) from scratch, you can select a blank design, which you can work on and adjust as you see fit. However, it is only possible to work with CSS and pictures.

  • 7. Can I add my own logo? Yes
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    YES, with the modules Logo File and Design Studio, you can easily add your own logo. It is different how much space is created for the logo on the individual designs, and the position of the logo field is also different. 

  • 8. Can I get a webshop with online payment? Yes
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    YES, you can extend the free catalogue module into a webshop with shopping basket etc. In addition, you can attach online payment via PayPal. Currently we also support Danish Dandomain's payment gateway.

  • 9. Can I use Bricksite without knowing anything about website editing? Yes
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    YES, Bricksite is intuitive and created so that everyone can use it - both young and old, beginners and advanced users.

  • 10. Is my website visible to search engines? Yes
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    YES and NO - it depends on your search words, the competition in your specific field etc. But it is generally easy to work on search engine optimization at Bricksite. For instance, you can control the address lines of your pages and meta title/description. 

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