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Agnethe Dalby about the rainfore

Importance of the rainforests.

Agnethe Dalby

We need to strengthen our awareness of preserving the rainforests.
Out of Earths estimated 10 million species of insects, plants and animals more than half live in the tropical rainforests. Over three quarters of the world's diet has its origin in the tropical rainforest, where you find at least 3000 fruits, whereof only 200 are in use in the western countries.

A story we need to tell and we need you to listen!

Tzama - an indigenous Amazon native - needs to tell the world the story of his people. He is from Tawasap in Ecuador and it is at risk!
He says: "We need to document. We need the equipment, there is no more time to waste, the time is now!" He points to trees planted by his great-grandfathers. Now nothing grows on them.
He continues: "We are inviting the world to collaborate with us to care for the rainforest!"

What can we do to protect the rainforest?

  • Awareness: Learn about the problems due to deforestation of the rainforest. Then share your knowledge and encourage others to become involved.

  • Think before you eat: Don't eat hamburgers or beef products if the meat came from areas in Central or South America where rainforest was cleared to raise the beef cattle.
  • Be a wise consumer: Avoid buying products made from rainforest trees such as mahogany, teak or rosewood. Ask the shopkeeper if the products were produced sustainably. Buy FSC-labelled tree.
  • Sponsor an area of the rainforest: Donate a small amount and help to protect some of the most threatened rainforest in the world in Chile, Ecuador or Colombia.
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Make a difference!

By acting we can make a difference.
Agnethe Dalby: Saving the rainforests
You can support the rainforest by supporting Conservation Organizations such as:
Become a sponsor of the rainforest:

You can sponsor a tree or an area - you will receive a certificate and can view its location.
Agnethe Dalby