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During a session we will work with clearing old patterns, blockages and restrictions in the akashic records for you. Doing releasing work in your energetic system, as well as channeling information for your current situation.

How we work depends on your wishes, the path of your soul and what your guides advice during the session.
Please be clear about any specific wishes, so we can do our best to meet them in the session.

This session
is a very deep session working with you on all levels for weeks afterwards and bringing profound transformation if you are ready to let go of the old and ready to embrace the new, which we don´t always know what is.

In a written session
you can choose to focus on a theme or a bit more depending on how deep we go. We can dig into information about your soul OR clear karmic blockages.

This session contain an empowering deep remote energetic work, with vibrational freeing in your inner being and physical body. + discriptions of what we are working with, answers, information delivered to you by email.

Love Anneli
Written session 130 € 

 Write to me with any questions or themes you would like us to focus on in your session.

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