Photos and haiku-poems

Eudaiku is an idea that embraces poetry and photo-art in one concept. A eudaiku is the merging of a photo and a poem in haiku-form mirroring the Eudaiku - mindfulness in modern life.

A photo can be a word-free poem - If you want to see some of the things that have given me moments of mindfulness, look at the pictures and the haikus you find under the titles in the left side of the menu.

In my work I try to merge eastern and western aesthetics, ethics and philosophy. I also aim to take a sustainable approach to photography. I use digital cameras in order to avoid chemicals in the developing procedure. I take care of the printing-process myself in using a sustainable photo-ink printer, and I use photo-paper or water-colour-paper made from recycled paper or bamboo- and sugarcane-fibers. In Denmark, I cooperate with framers who use sustainable wood for framing the photos.

The photos are for sale. Please contact me for further information regarding purchase of photos.

Berit A. Faber

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