Why Haiku?

Photos can be a way into mindfulness - the photos you find on this web-site are photos, that have emerged along with my Buddhist mindfull training. I have been practicing Tibetan Buddhist meditation and mindfulness-training since 1983 and during the last years I have been feeling a growing urge to see, sense and experience the things that surround us in our everyday post-modern life in a more direct way.

The light and energy emerging from things that sorround us in everyday life expresses the wonders and existential aha-moments - Art is an eye and heart-opener.

Lately, some people tell me that they use the photos and haikus in their meditation or in other ways of working with spiritual or existential development. So it seems that  some of the photos and haikus grow into other people's existential practises too - I am very gratefull for that.



Berit A.  Faber
Berit A. Faber