Remington PG6171 Beard Trimmer

  • 11 item kit has self-sharpening stainless steel cutting blades so you can take care of all your facial trimming demands
  • 3 hour runtime-the power of lithium delivers long lasting, consistent, high efficiency cordless cutting for the duration of the runtime
  • 5-minute quick fee saves you time in a pinch, giving power for one full shave
  • 100% Water resistant- you can trim up in the shower if that's your style, plus, it's extremely simple to clean
The Remington PG6171 is a master package that offers you with all the pieces you require (and also a lot more) for improving your shaving experience.

This complete kit attributes 11 crucial pieces to present you with all tools as well as tools you may think about needing. The blades on the trimmer are self-sharpening. So you won't need to worry about honing them on your own.

The trimmer itself has a 3-hour operation runtime, permitting it to provide resilient sturdiness while still maintaining a high performance throughout its entire operation. Plus, if you need a quick boost, the 5-minute quick charge has the ability to save you priceless time. This charge provides you enough power for a complete cut in simply a matter of minutes.

Additionally, the entire kit is 100% waterproof, making it much more useful and also reliable for your everyday use.