3 januar 2020
Alt opdateret..
30 januar
Ny trimmevejledning af din hvalp!!!!
se under trim
March 3rd 1985 - 2015
Kennel Anniversery!

 New homepage in the air!

Finaly my new page is done - Please, take a look around and enjoy!
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24 januar
Pouca er parret med Pequeno
3 januar
Mine bliver parret med Milan
Blue roan hvalpe i marts 2020
23 august
Alle hvalpe er reserveret.
7 november
History has been written at Dan-L
- Present Puppies
First meal done!
25 march
Mandy and Marvins babies are born
Mandy og Marvins hvalpe er født
UNDSKYLD...jeg er så meget bagefter med at opdatere hjemmesiden....

Daily Life


Puppies, puppies...ducklings...

Different kind of fun in the garden.
Working in the garden
Have been on a wonderful tour to ROMA!!
Pequeno and lure coursing

 Education trip to Portugal!
Easter holiday duties!
Cozy life at Rørmosehus
 Bloodtrack training.

Marvin and I working in the forrest
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