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IT course

One of the challenges in Zambia is that young people rarely have opportunity to use their talents and be equipped to live a responsible life, and a life with a purpose. Many children are orphans and/or lack money, and as a result have difficulities getting an education or improving their skills.

Dream Factory is providing a solution  towards this problem. Our 2 month intense IT course, equips young people to stand strong in their quest for a job.

In the IT course, we train the young people to use Office programs and the internet. We also teach them to writing job applications and resumes. Practice makes
perfect, but young people often cannot get access to computer facilities, as these are not offered in the Zambian school system. All ín all, the IT course gives these young people more opportunities to get employment.

Besides focusing on IT and writing skills, this course also brings more self confidence to the young people, as they get a sense of accomplishment by participating in the course.

Dream Factory Zambia (NPO) | Plot 5, Kansenshi small holdings, P.O. Box 70771, Ndola - Zambia | Phone: +26 0968 97 8442 | info@dreamfactoryzambia.org