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Recommendations from previous volunteers

Iben, Linette and Iben (volunteers 2014)

After 3 months as volunteers, we can warmly recommend Dream Factory, Zambia. We have participated in many different projects. We helped to start an Art Group for children in Nkwazi township, we arranged a football club for girls, we taught athletics at Buyantanshi School and played with 20 girls at an orphanage. All projects have taught us a lot and made a great impression on us.

Personally, we have learned to be bold enough to be independent in a foreign culture and stand in front of foreigners to present our thoughts and ideas. It is great to be aware that others appreciate your presence and that you are making a difference for orphans and vulnerable children in a developing country.

As a volunteer with Dream Factory, Zambia you have the added bonus that social work can be combined with adventure. It has not only been work, but we have also had some exciting excursions. We had a safari trip to South Luangwa game park, where we enjoyed watching the fantastic African wild life.

We have been the first volunteers to live in the new Dream House, which is situated in a nice and peaceful area. We have been very happy for this base from where we could prepare for the work in the projects and relax. When you are a volunteer in Dream Factory, Zambia, you experience a completely different culture. You learn to think very creatively and always contemplate a plan B or C, you move your borders, you make a difference, you experience new things and you have a great time.

Julie Blem Jensen and Caroline Berg Høyer (volunteers 2013)

Dream Factory is definitely recommendable! Do you want to experience Zambia then Dream Factory is the right choice. Through them and Dream House where you stay you have a safe base, where you can come home every night and relax, which is important after a hard and eventful day. The great thing about Dream Factory is that you get the chance to choose what you want to do in the community's, and that gives a good opportunity to help people in many different ways.

We were involved in Adopt A Club(the soccer project), which was an extremely great experience. Through the soccer clubs we got a nice relationship to the boys on the teams and the coaches. In that way we got to see a lot of the culture in Zambia and we have a lot of good memories. The fact that you get a good relationship with a lot of people from the local community's is also one of the reasons why we recommend Dream Factory. We have a lot of good memories with us home that we will never forget, and the fact that we have made a different to help some people in Zambia is wonderful – therefore you have to experience it yourself!

Jakob Iversen, volunteer for Dream Factory (volunteer 2012)

For me it has been a special adventure to visit Africa, and to work as a volunteer in Dream Factory's projects. During my stay I taught children and young people how to swim, and helped to start a computer course. To be a volunteer has been a fantastic experience that I can recommend to everyone, and it has been a great joy for me to help in a country that really needs help!

Lene Skovbjerg, volunteer for Dream Factory (volunteer 2012)

"Dream Factory" short, precise, and so true. Dream Factory is  really making a great difference in young people's lives. Through Dream Factory dreams becomes a reality, young people here in Zambia are given the opportunities to learn new sports activities, and get the opportunity to develop themselves as individuals.

For me the dream to visit Africa and make a difference also became a reality. Dream Factory made it possible for me to visit Zambia and introduce gymnastics to a little community school in Twapia, Ndola. Zambians have some knowledge about gymnastics, and I was able to further educate them in gymnastics. I will always recommend Dream Factory if you have a dream to visit Africa because though Dream Factory everything is possible. 

Nadia (left) and Mia (right): Volunteers 2012

attached at 'Buyantanshi Community School'

Dream Factory does what everyone dreams of, they make dreams come true.

It has been our big dream to introduce handball in Zambia. Dream Factory made it possible for us to make our dreams come true. They ensured that we had a safe, solid base, so that we were able to recharge our batteries, while having a great fellowship in 'Dream House' - and therefore we were always ready to make a difference and perform our best during the days at 'Buyantanshi Community School'.

One thing is certain: Once Zambia - ALWAYS Zambia!

Mia Østerhaug, Nursing student and former volunteer

Behind Dream Factory there is a competent team of staff that is talented and dedicated, who will give everything for the young and vulnerable generation in Ndola, to get a better life.


Jonas Nim Bakkensen, volunteer 2011

The good thing about Dream Factory is that they focus on the individual's development so that they also become a better group. They learn to be role models on and off the football field.

The combination of having a dream and simultaneously working very hard for it characterizes the Dream Factory.

Bjarke Larsen, Pol. Adm student at Aalborg University. volunteer 2011

Dream Factory aims at developing the potential of young people in Zambia. Self confidence is promoted through encouragement and lifeskills training.

Dream Factory makes a difference out there where the young people need help to get a more interesting everyday life, where school, educational and recreational activities will play a central role.

Dream Factory Zambia (NPO) | Plot 5, Kansenshi small holdings, P.O. Box 70771, Ndola - Zambia | Phone: +26 0968 97 8442 | info@dreamfactoryzambia.org