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Our vision is to develop the general standard of living for the Zambian people. We believe in a Christian, holistic and freedom oriented focus which creates a foundation for people`s future dreams by empowering them to be creative, visionary and responsible.

Dream Factory is led by Peder Tind, who is assisted by a team of experienced and skilled employees, both paid and volunteers.

Our Mottos in Dream Factory:

We say:
  • “If you can dream it, you can do it"
  • “Freedom is vital for man to succeed”
  • “Empowering of role models is the way to a better future”
  • “Responsibility demands action”
Dream Factory Zambia (NPO) | Plot 5, Kansenshi small holdings, P.O. Box 70771, Ndola - Zambia | Phone: +26 0968 97 8442 | info@dreamfactoryzambia.org