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Ensemble CASTOR was founded in 2010 by Austrian, international successfully working musicians, who are specialised on early music performance. Their main focus is on the music of the Italian Seicento, the Venetian music and baroque music of their home country upper Austria and Bavaria.
Musical director of the Ensemble CASTOR is Petra Samhaber-Eckhardt, a successful baroque violinist , who studied in London with Andrew Manze , in Italiy with Enrico Onofri and in Austria with Michi Gaigg.She has won several prizes in England and Austria. Ensemble CASTOR has been already invited to many famous international festivals such as `Internationale Barocktage Melk´, Festival St.Gallen, Carinthischer Sommer, Fränkischer Sommer; lots of outstanding reviews (`stunning interpretation and technique..´, `the slow movements let us stop breathing..´) indicate the great success of the Ensemble CASTOR.
In 2015 CASTOR won the culture prize of the citiy of Linz. 
In 2014 they published their first recording `Discorsi Musicali´ with music at the Bavarian court, which solicited great appeal to the media in Austria and Germany.
In May 2017 there has been a new release of CASTORS second CD, published by SONY `deutsche harmonis mundi´with works by Mozart and Haydn on fortepiano.For this recording CASTOR got many fantastic international reviews.
Ensemble CASTOR works regularly with the Italian world famous violinist Enrico Onofri and with lots of successful singers as Christina Gansch, Silvia Frigato and Mireille Lebel. 

Ensemble CASTOR english

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