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Amsterdam Winner show 13.12.2014
Judge Henric Fryckstrand, SE
Fiddle-De-Dees Morris Traveller:
The Judge wrote:
"Beautiful veteran of 8,5 years, lovely head and expression, excellent neck, very good front, lovely bone and feet, super body, perfect topline and tailset, strong rear, moves like a dream. Delighted to see a veteran like this, super condition, handled to advantage.
Amsterdam Gold Cup 11.12.2015
Judge Sjoerd Jobse, SE
Fiddle-De-Dees Morris Traveller:
1st. Vet. Class RCAC VCAC!!
Picture to follow.
Danish Retriever Club Show 01.06.2014.
Judge: Eeva Rautala, FI
1 winner intermediate best male.
Keeper of The Soul iz Doliny Solnca
10-11/05 Danish KC show, Qulifier for Crufts.
Day 1
Judge: Simon Mills- Australia
Keeper Of Soul Iz Doliny Solnca.
1st. intermediate with CK
The judge wrote:
 Large strong male, correct balanced, correct with kindly expresion, good pigmentation, good angulation, correct tailset, moves soundly
Day 2
Judge: Jurate Butkinen - Latvia

Keeper Of Soul Iz Doliny Solnca
1st. intermediate with CK.
2nd. best male with CC and RES CACIB!

the judge wrote:
First class quality male, nice outline, head in harmony and powerful clean lines, exc eyes, strong topline, wellshaped front, exc muscles, correct croup and tailset, welbalanced movement, correct coat, and grooming, lovely presented.
CRUFTS - Birmingham.
I am ever so pleased to anounce that my lovely progeny
Multi Ch. Multi Winner - 
Fiddle-De-Dee's Morris Traveller 
got reserve winner in  the Special Working Class.
Billede: I have no words, the news of my Progeny, Multi Ch, Multi winner, Fiddle-De-Dees Morris Traveller got RES. winner in special working class at Crufts... I wish to thank he's owner Radka for giving the Danish Monkey the best ever imaginable home, the work you done with him is extraordinaire, million of thanks for your work and friendship - who could ever ask for more!
I want to thank he´s owner
Radka Bursíková for the lovely work she has done with the "monkey"
Danish Retriever Show.
Judge: Sverre Sand, DK
Keeper Of The Soul Iz Doliny Solnca - Hopkins
1st. intermediate, with CK
Once again proffesional handled by
Frederik Kien Hansen
Danish KC shows.
Judge: Erling Kjaer Pedersen, DK
Keeper Of Soul Iz Doliny Solnca - Hopkins
1st. Junior Class, Best male 3, with CK
Danish Retriever Club
Open Show, Baekke.
 Judge: Laila Ager, DK
Keeper Of Soul Iz Doliny Solnca - Hopkins
1st. Junior Class, Best male, BOS
BOB & BIS 3 Junior
Handler: Frederik Kien Hansen

BOB & BOS Junior

Danish KC CACIB show, Herning.
 Judge: Fillip Johnson - SE
Central Power Iz Dolina Solnca: - Shortlisted in a strong open class.
Handler: Olga Smeleva
Danish Retriever Club, 25-26.05.2013
Judges: Day 1, Sjoerd Jobse, SE - Day 2, Henric Fryckstrand SE
I was handling Keeper Of The Soul Iz Doliny Solnca
Day 1: 1st. VP puppyclass, BOS puppy
Day 2: 2nd. VP Puppyclass
 (Photo, Lisbeth Bech)
Danish Retriever Club, Open Show, 09.05.2013
 Judge: Nina Jensen, DK
Keeper Of The Soul Iz Doliny Solnca
Danish Kennel Club, 04 & 05 -05.2013
Satuday: Ann Buvik, NO.
Sunday: Moa Persson, SE.
..Keeper Of The Soul Iz Doliny Solnca..
Christmas show, Naestved.
 Judge: Emma Achibald, U.K
Central Power Iz Dolina Solnca
2nd. intermediate class, with CK.

Open show Stestrup

Judge: Mrs. Thilge (DK)

Central Power Iz Dolina Solnca -
1st. best Junior, 2nd. best male


Judge: Mrs. F V Thurm, (UK)

Lexus Grey Erl, was shortlisted in a STRONG open class!
Handled by, Irina Voytenkova


Open Show, Århus

Judge:  Mr. Bryan Hayward, (UK)

Central Power Iz Dolina Solnca, 3rd. best Baby male
Zodiac Iz Dolina Solnca BOB & BIS Puppy
Lexus Earl Grey was once more BOB & BEST IN SHOW.
Proffesionally handled by Frederik Kien Hansen


Open Show, Bække

Judge: Mr, Ramberg. (Sweden)
Central Power Iz Dolina Solnca, BOB & BIS 2 BABY
Zodiac Iz Dolina Solnca BOB & BIS Puppy
AND finally our guest LEXUS EARL GREY, was BOB



Zodiac Iz Dolina Solnca

Goes BOB & BIS3 Baby for Hanne kirkegård.




Zodiac Iz Dolina Solnca

3rd. in baby class,  at the Danish GRC show, judge Pat Tuck


 Festival´s La Minore BIS - puppy, For Maria Lindegård



Makedonien Champion & Montenegro Champion
Giddygold Union Jack



Club Show CZ 09.05.2010
Multi champIon Fiddle-de-dees Morris Traveller:

under Kate Crosbie (Garbank Lislone Kennel UK)

Ejer Radka Bursikova



Gembæk's the Show Must Go On
(Giddygold Union Jack/Marjazza Agnetha)



Fiddle-de-dees Morris Traveller
CACIT (international) WORKING TEST
Owner; Radka Bursikova



 Fiddle-De-Dees Morris Traveller

"Fik" is Multi Junior Champion (JCH CZ, SK,PL), CH CZ

And in Double CACIB Bratislava 15. - 16. 8.2009 he was BIS - Best in Show (BIS, BIG, BOB, CACIB, CAC) and BIG 3 (BIG3, BOB, CACIB, CAC)

Ejer : Radka Bursikova

(DKCH(U) Mulfield Lewis og Cheer's Marcipan)



Autumn Gold The Look

(Autumn Gold Touch Ambra og DKCH(U) Fiddle-De-Dee's Rolex)


 Arlington's Tara Of Saxofonia
(Fiddle-De-Dees Rolex - Kentwoods Jessie Of Baltic Lane)
 CAC i Kassel
Ejer: Matthias Heinicke

31/08/2008 Hillerød

 Giddygold Union Jack - Exellent 2. winner

 Jack's daughter Autumn Gold Blue Velvet recieved a CC 31/8/2008 Velvet is owned by the Karvin kennel in Finland

Dansk Retriever Klub 17/08/2008 Vejen

Giddygold Union Jack

Excl.1.winner open class CAC ClubCAC + BOS

Dansk Kennel Klub 16/08/2008 Vejen

 Giddygold Union Jack

Excl.1.winner open class CACIB

A very difficult situation:


World Dog Show Sunday 06.07.2008


 Anne Woodcock's:

"Good sized dog. Ballanced and in proportion. Good hadcarriage. Good ang. fore and aft. Short in the cupplings. Clean neck flowing into good topline". EXCELLENT

 Almare Stäket Satúrday 05.0702008

 Lynn Kipps:

"Excellent overall constructed dog. Excellent proportions, very balanced front and rear, good head and expresion. Good laidback into level topline. Moves with good head - topline and tail carriage". EXCELLENT

 Køge 29.06.2008 1.vinder åben klasse med excellent



Giddygold Union Jack - Excellent 1. winner openclass


 Welcome to Giddygold Union Jack - dogs have been updated.

 12-3-2008 Showsresults

Excellent og l. vinder i mellemklassen til Rossmix Sunrays In The Dark

Excellent 1.vinder åben kl. og Cert to Rolex' son Golden Countryside's Rolex Triumph

 Rossmix Sunrays In The Dark - Næstved 2008

Rossmix Sunrays In The Dark & 2 of his offspring

Vejen 2007

DKCH(U) Fiddle-de-dees Moonshine - BIS3 



Rossmix Sunray's In The Dark


New champions 08-03-2007

DKCH(U) Fiddle-De-Dees Rolex
DKCH(U) Fiddle-De-Dees Moonshine
DKCH(U) Jollygold Limelight (by DKCH Remington Rockafeller)

New results 06/12/2006

Rossmix Sunray's In The Dark BOB og BIS Puppy. Judge Bolette Heering

New results

Rossmix Sunray's In The Dark BOB og BIS Puppy
Golden Countrysides Fantasy World BIR og BIS Baby

New additions to Casa Fiddle-de-dee

Rossmix Sunray's In The Dark
Golden Countrysides Fantasy World

New Show Results

Rossmix Sunray's In The Dark BIR og BIS Hvalp
Golden Countrysides Fantasy World BIR og BIS Baby

Fiddle-De-Dees Rolex & 1 of his Offspring

New picture of Fiddle-De-Dees Moonshine


Fiddle-De-Dee's Rolex - 3 x show


3 x CAC
1 x BIR
2 x BIM
Crufts qualifier

DRK Ringsted d. 27/8/2005


Fiddle-De-Dee's Rolex
1.v brughkl CAC BIK BIM

DKK Odense d. 14/8/2005


Fiddle-De-Dee's Rolex
1.v brughkl CAC CACIB BIK BIR

DRK Århus d. 13/8/2005



Fotos: Helle Holm Madsen
Fiddle-De-Dee's Moonshine
Århus d. 13/8 vandt hun 1.v åbenkl BIK BIR og BIS 2
Odense d. 14/8 vandt hun 1.v åbenkl BIK BIM

DKK Hillerød d. 10/6/2005


Fiddle-De-Dee's Rolex
BIM, cert, CAICB & Crufts 2006 qualifier

DKK Hillerød d. 10/6/2005


Fiddle-de-dee's Moonshine
BIR & Crufts 2006 qualifier


DRK Næstved 5.12. Judge Heather Morss


BIR BIS: Fiddle-de-dee's Moonshine
BIM: DkCh KbhV2004 Fiddle-de-dees Tiger Prince

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