Criterias in Green Salon / How to become a Green Salon

How to become a Green Salon

Green Salons aim is to emphasize salons, that make special efforts to reduce the chemical burden in hair dressing, and to reduce waste and consumption of ressources and energy.
In a certified Green Salon you can always feel safe of the worst chemicals in cosmetics. 

3 steps to become a certified Green Salon

1. Read the obligatory demands of Green salon, see our criterias
These demands aim at
- 100 % excluding certain chemicals, that we consider specially harmful
- Substituting oxidative hair colours with safe products
- regulating use bleach
- use of organic serving
- use of environmental labelled products for washing etc.
Apply for the one-day course Green Salons Theoretical Course. 
Call Green Salon and ask for advice on what to do to become a cetfitied Green salon.
If you want to try how to work with green cosmetics some of the Green Salon hairdresser offer courses, please call Green Salon.
3. Certification
When your salon is ready for control please contact Green Salon for inspection.
When you salon is inspected and approved to be a certified Green Salon you receive a certification document. 
Every year your salon will be inspected before renewal of certfication.
Somtimes these inspections will be carried out without previous appointment.
Green Salon  | Tlf.: +45 2630 0648