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Products and chemicals

Green Salons Positive List of Recommended Hair Cosmetic Products (downholad here)
In order to qualify for the Positve List of Recommended Hair Cosmetic Products the individual product is not allowed to contain certain chemicals. These chemicals are listed in the Green Salons List of Banned Chemicals, see bleow. Legally these chemicals are allowed for use ind the EU, but based on scientific evidence Green Salon consider them as major hazards to the hairdresser, the customers, or the environment. 
Many products may qualify for the Positve List of Recommended Hair Cosmetic Products if they don't contain chemicals from the Green Salons List of Banned Chemicals.

 Green Salons List of Accepted Products (download here)

Green Salons List of Accepted Products is a non-comprehensive list of produducts 
  • not containing severly dangerous chemicals from the Green Salons List of Banned Chemicals
  • in general composed by safe chemicals, but
  • containing chemicals to which some/few people may react without severe consequences 
Products at this list are accepted for use in Green Salon, but the list signals that producer should evaluate the recipe.
Green Salons List of Products that are not Allowed in Green Salons (download here)
The Negative List is a non-comprehensive list of hair cosmetic product s containing cehmicals with severe negative effects:
  • extremely allergenic
  • toxic
  • carcinogenic or under suspicion herof
  • endocrine disruptor or under suspicion herof
  • teratogenic or under suspicion herof
List of single chemicals considered specially dangerous or harmful and not allowed in Green Salon.
All products registered in the Green Salons lists are controlled based on the individual chemicals.
The products or ingredients lists may be posted or mailed to us by hair dressers wanting to check up their products. Sometimes they contact us because they find the appraisals of the sales representatives dubious. 
Sometimes we are contacted by producers or agents who want to know if their products may qualify for the Positive List or because they want to develop green products.
Usually we only have the ingredients list. As we don't know the concentrations and as we intend to avoid harmful effects from mixing problematic chemicals , we never take concentrations into consideration. 
Green Salon doesn't produce or sell cosmetic products.
Evaluation of chemicals
Green Salon evautes the single chemicals for harmful effects on health or environment. We focus at avoiding chemicals that are 
- allergenic or irritating
- toxic
- carcinogenic (proven or under suspicion)
-.endocine disruptors (proven or under suspicion)
- teratogenic (proven or under suspicion).
Memos from EU's scietific committee, SCCS
Cosmetic Ingredients Review, USA
Botanical Dermatology Database

Evaluation and registration at a Green Salon list: Free
Non-committing consultancy: Free
Use of Green Salon logo at products registrated in the Positive List or the List of Accepted Products: Please contact Green Salons office.
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