As the holiday season approaches and most online shops are giving away big discounts and offers, we have to be extra careful against online scams and frauds. Credit card users need to beware of possible threats to their personal and financial information whether online, on their phones or in-store. Knowing what to watch for and be cautious to protect themselves and their devices is critical to avoid being victimized. I have listed down some quick tips on how to use your payment/credit card safely and help you minimize the chances of credit card fraud.

- Never keep your PIN code near your credit cards, do not have any code written down somewhere. It is best to memorize yor PIN and pick the numbers which are hard to guess such as birthdate or your SSS number. In this way, you avoid that someone gets hold of your code and can use your card, the kreditkort lån is a valuable document which you should manage like any other valuable documents.

- Using free public wifi can be dangerous to you credit card. Avoid using your credit card over a public computer such as internet shop and free wifi. You have to ensure that the wireless network you are using is secure. Some of these public networks are not secure and prone to hackers which spy on your information thus making you vulnerable to credit card fraud.

- If you happen to receive a suspicious mail coming from your favorite online shops or your bank and asks you to click on a link to view it. Type the website URL in your browser, and verify if the info is true regarding such offers. Never click a link in an email especially if the email claims to be from your bank.

- Protect your PIN from cameras and people’s view. Make sure you are not being watched by someone when you enter your password, never give out the code to someone else. Not even to those who are going to charge. Also make sure that no one is away with your credit card when payment will be carried out, especially in the case of restaurants but also in stores.

- Do you use the card to shop online? Choose a secure e-shop always go for trusted, well-known, reputable, online shopping sites. It is necessary to check what they use for payment and if you feel unsure, search the company name on Google in order to get a quick picture if it is a serious company. This is very important when buying expensive items online. Online transactions is very risky at times due to some malwares which steal sammenlign kreditkort information and hands them over to cyber thieves. This type of case is very rampant especially during holiday season. So keep your eye out for fake online shops that peddle counterfeit goods at too-good-to-be true prices.

- When transacting online make sure that the webpage used to process credit card charges has SSL certificate to ensure protection. Or look for “HTTPS” which i accompanied by a pad lock symbol. If you don’t see `https` then you are not in a secure web session. Go for a safer option instead which is cash-on-delivery.

- Use a virtual credit card from your trusted bank which offers one-time use. A virtual credit card, as the name suggest, is not a physical card. This virtual card is a very effective security tip since it can’t be stolen nor cloned, as it is an intangible property. But this card can be used for one payment only and mostly valid up to 48 hours depending on your hvad er revision.
- Use credit card instead of debit to ensure from fraud protection. When shopping online it is best to use your credit card instead of debit because the moment a fraudulent charges occur, you still have time to report it to the bank thus avoiding any payment made by a fake transaction. While on debit card, your money gets debited instantly and it is going to take days before you can reclaim the penge.

- Keep track of your account periodically and saving account statements. Make sure you recognize all charges on your financial statements. If you see any suspicious transactions, contact your bank or credit card issuer immediately.

- When travelling its best to only carry cards that you need, leaving others in a safe place at home. Bring no more than two major credit cards with you but use them wisely. While looking at bitcoin payment card providers, be aware of what your wants and needs are for the provider. The number of providers allows you, more or less, to get the payment card on your own terms.

- If your card is stuck in an ATM or if you lose the card, you should immediately call and block it from your kreditkort issuer. You will be robbed of the credit card, you must also notify the police there. 

- Nowadays it is hard to detect a bogus or phishing website from a real one. Phishing means that a fraudster tries to get hold of your credit card number via a website, email or by phone. It may be pretending to be someone in a store where you shop, or from your bank and want to access your codes, or the number on the credit card. Remember that no one, not even the credit card issuer asking for such sensitive data via email or telephone. Therefore, having an anti-phishing protection on your computer can be extremely helpful because it restricts you from visiting a fraudulent or phishing website.
If you have some more credit card security tips to add to this post, just feel free to leave them in the comment box below. Stay safe!