Helleristninger. Rock Carvings. Hällbilder.

About Me

I am a Danish archaeologist currently based in Vejle DK, with extensive field work  experience having worked on numerous projects across Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland and Turkey.

I have for my thesis on Danish rock art contextualised prehistoric landscapes by looking at rock art and their engagement with surrounding landscapes. I created a relational database for the registration of rock art which contains all known (in 2009) published rock art sites in Denmark (view database here). Amongst other work involving rock art  I have also participated in international seminars in Sweden with the focus on preserving and documenting rock art where I and other volunteers have been documenting designated rock art sites in Tanum, Sweden.

Engaging the public with our cultural heritage is key and I regard education and presentation of archaeology with a hands on approach very important. I have worked with outreach archaeology in the Centre for Historical-Archaeological Research & Communication as well as having worked at a local museum closely linked with amateur archaeologists groups.

Key Skills

• Archaeological fieldwork management and supervision

• Report writing; desk based assessment and publication

• IT – MS Office, GIS & database design (Access).

• Outreach and community archaeology and public liaison

• Clean EU drivers licence


Selected Professional History

Archaeological Services WYAS, England

During my  employment in the UK with Archaeological Services (2011 - 2013) I have been working in a commercial archaeological environment with excavation and geophysical survey. I have here gained an understanding of the British policies and guidelines regarding cultural heritage and archaeological mitigation strategies.

Køge Museum, Denmark
During my employment at Køge Museum I was working as an archaeological supervisor in charge of desk based assessments, large open area excavations (including staff and budget management) as well as client and local authority consultation and liaison.

National Museum, Greenland

During two field season I have participated in excavations and walk over surveys in Southern Greenland with particular focus on the Norse pastoral land use.

Catal Höyük, Turkey

Working as a professional excavator at Catal Höyük - I was working as part of a team in a Neolithic building which comprised of multiple phases of habitation and burial events. Alongside excavation I would also be responsible for data entry, registration of meta data as well as taking part of open day events.

FSI, Iceland

Working as a professional excavator in Iceland in the summer seasons 2002 – 2008. Work mostly undertaken on deeply stratified viking and medieval sites excavated by the single context method where I was responsible for my own recording, structuring and phasing.

Centre for Historical-Archaeological Research & Communication, Denmark

Working as outreach officer in charge of engaging the public within reconstructed prehistoric areas. Responsible for teaching, guiding, organising special events and experiments as well as taking part of the further internal development of the working environment.



Louise Felding