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Rock Art Datasbase with EpiCollect

Excited about rock art and want to share great locations with others?
Then join my little project on collection data on rock art world wide using the open sourced smartphone application EpiCollect.
I have started  a test projcet recording information on Rock Art from my travels and would love it if more people would join. The idea is to create a quick overview of rock art locations supplied with a brief description, photo and gps log. The collected data will be syncronized online so all data can be viewed on a map service with the recorded data available for all users.
Sound interesting? And if you have a smartphone? Then go to your app store and download the FREE application EpiCollect. This app is available for both Iphone and Android.
When EpiCollect has been succesfully installed then:  choose the option load project and type in the project name: RockArt_test2012
Now you should be ready to go, just follow the instructions and log the data. Whenever you are near internet you can syncronize your data to the cloud.
If you do not have a smartphone but would like to follow the progress and learn more about rock art localities. Just follow this link which will take you to the project website with all the information available online:
Thank you for taking part!
Louise Felding