You are welcome to our site. We hope that you have already felt the beauty of amber and fall in love with this "golden stone". We believe that everyone is unique and can get something unique and amber.
Amber 888 is a family business that was started more than 25 years ago. Over the 25 years we have gained extensive experience, developed our eye for beauty and good taste. Therefore, we can offer unique handmade amber jewelry. We produce necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, unique amber flowers and souvenirs in different colors & shapes. These are handmade products of high quality. We can also manufacture any shape from raw amber for your own design. Most of our products are exported to other countries: Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Finland, Italy, France, Russia, etc.
Why choose us?
Because we love amber. We have great knowledge of its million-year old history, and we'd love to share this knowledge with you. We have worked for over 25 years with amber, as this is our family tradition. We are always looking for the best artists, and select only those we are satisfied with.We always try to keep up with fashion, but we also cherish the old traditions. We are offering you top quality amber and try to live up to your expectations. We're always ready to help you. Quality, speed and security - that’s out moto.
We wish you a pleasant journey through our e-shop.
UAB Eketa
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+45 81 81 81 09 (Denmark)
+370 618 66239 (Lithuania)
Skype: Remi.ga1
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