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Karin Nordmann (1948)
Designer, Collector and former Museum Director
Her fascination for jewelry, design and amber began in the late 60s. And since then, she has with great passion, commitment and dedication collected, studied and built up an impressive collection of amber. Over the years it has become one of the world's largest private collections of Baltic amber, it contains several new species and over the years, it has been a backbone in several major research projects.

Alongside the scientific angle to amber, she works as a jewelry designer, and has built up a unique collection of objects made of and carved in amber. In 1981, she opened an amber and gemstone shop in Skagen, and both nationally and internationally, she has become known for her unique designs.

With this site, she wants to share her passion and unique collection with the rest world. And through this visual online museum, you will get an intimate and unique insight, into one of the worlds largest private collections of amber.
Download a desciption of my collection here
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