Design, implementation, and management of research and industrial biology projects.
Tropical Coral Culture. Reef Fish Culture. 
Advanced laboratory and field experiments.
Extensive teaching experience from universities, high schools, gymnasiums, and colleges.
The following subjects are taught at all levels:
Ecology, aquaculture, climate-friendly industrial animal and plant production, fish & invertebrate symbioses, ichthyology, conservation, environmental science, and fisheries biology. 
New student courses in biology are designed and implemented on request
Updated Januar 2020
Frontpage image by Michael Arvedelund. All rights reserved.

We are your consultants in biology research projects and teaching

Whalesharks at Churaumi
Aquarium, Okinawa, Japan.
Image by  Michael Arvedlund. 
All rights reserved.
Reef Consultants do consultancy, research and teaching all over the world. In the past projects have been conducted in Australia, Denmark, Egypt, Fiji, Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Qatar, the United Kingdom & the USA. 
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