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This page will be updated regularly with information on the dances danced at class, starting from 14 September 2017.

Dances danced at class

Link to list of dances on Strathspey Server
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2017-18  Complete list of dances season 2017-18
The dance lists for each class have been made using a tool on the Strathspey Server, which is basically an online database with dance descriptions of almost all existing dances. More are being added all the time.

The lists open in a new window and you will here find a short description (cribs) as well as diagrams and other information about the dances and the devisers.
Key to the symbols found on the dance lists:
Blue circle with a crown: RSCDS logo - the dance is published by the RSCDS
Notepad: the cribs / short description for the dance is registered in the database
Paint brush: a dance diagram (pilling) is available
Camera: one or more videos available
The number of symbols vary for each dance, depending on which information is available
A guide on how to read the dance diagrams can be found here: An Explanation of the Symbols Used in Crib Diagrams