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What is this site about?

Hello and welcome to our new site "Gamingforyou"
On this page there will be alot of information about Some games, because this is a new site there will only come something about Counter-strike Source and Garry's Mod at first, If you want me to make some information on a new game you can contact me just Click on the "Contact" button in the top menu and send me a message. This site is kinda about all games on Steam. What is Steam
If you want to be friend with me on steam go in "Contact" and send me your Add name, and I will add you, you can allso contact me if there is any fails on the site or something.

Hvordan du sætter Konsol på

Right click your CSS or HL2DM shortcut, Choose properties, you will see several fields, The first field should be 'target' which is what we want. put your cursor at the very end of that line and enter -console make sure there is a space between -console and the original target line.

Info om Servers!

På nedenstående side kan du finde/søge info omkring alle servers der er på steam. du kan finde servers hvor der er sat cheats på og hvor cheats er taget af hvilke server der er sikre og hvilke der er usikre, og meget mere. Tjek den ud!