to Brædstrup Flyveklub

Brædstrup Flyveklub is resident at Brædstrup Airfield, Sandvej 15, DK-8740 Braedstrup.

Our club house is situated between the hangars and the road in the western part of the airfield with the “C” towards the runway.

The airfield is positioned on land belonging to

- an organic driven farm/airfield!
On the above mentioned homesite see also interesting reading about the shooting down in 1944 of a Lancaster Bomber close to the airfield.


Overnight Accommodation, Eating, Flying Holiday…

contact Hotel Pejsegaarden, Phone: +45 7575 1766



Hotel Pejsegaarden is situated 3 kilometers NW of the airfield (Søndergade 112, 8740 Brædstrup). Call Pejsegaarden if you need to be picked up for an arrangement there.

Visiting Pilots

The airfield is PPR. 
We appreciate good relations to the neighbours of the airfield, why we ask kindly visiting pilots and guests to consider this. When starting RWY 15, avoid overflying of the white property at the extension of the runway (a little to the East).
Landing exercises are strictly prohibited.
Remember to enter your landing and departure in the airfield logbook at “C”.

The Airfield

Brædstrup Flyveplads, Sandvej 15, DK-8740 Brædstrup, is situated 4 km SE of Brædstrup town.

Runway: Grass, direction 15/33, length 500 m, location 55 56 37N 009 39 12E.

Radio 123,5 MHz (non manned radio)
Fuel: No

PPR: Enquire contact persons – see “Contact”.

Be careful of traffic on the road NW of the RWY.

The airfield is part of an organic farm – we ask kindly visitors to respect this.

On short final RWY 33 and westerly winds please note risk of turbulence and downdrafts on short final.


Charges, EKBR

Landing Fee with permission

DKK 100,-
(€ 14,- )

Landing Fee without permission

DKK 150,-
(€ 20,- )

Parking Fee after each 24 hours or part thereof

DKK 25,-
(€ 3,50)



Cash pay only according to agreement (Phone +45 2530 1468)

THANK YOU for your payment – it is used for maintenance of the airfield.




There are bikes to your disposal behind the hangar. Call Ebbe Lohmann, phone +45 2530 1468, for further information.


Taxi: Horsens Taxa, Phone +45 7550 3000


Car Rental:

1) one2move, Høegh Guldbergsgade 48, 8700 Horsens, http://www.one2movebiludlejning.dk
Phone +45 70 208 804, 07:00-23:00, or
+45 2159 0359, 09:00-16:30.
If you call the latter telephone number it might be possible to get the car brought to the airfield.

2) Europecar, Høegh Guldbergsgade 44, Horsens, http://www.europecar.com. Phone +45 7561 0777.

The car can not be brought to the airfield.


Bus: Rute 110, Horsens-Silkeborg passing Aastruplund (bus stop about 600 m towards SW). Timetable, see http://www.rejseplanen.dk. (Bus Stop at Åstruplundvej 26).


Guests to Hotel Pejsegaarden can be collected if you call+45 7575 1766.




Due to PPR, please contact the following persons (in the mentioned order) before landing on Brædstrup Airfield:

Ebbe Lohmann (English and German spoken)

Phone +45 2530 1468
E-Mail: lohmann.e@gmail.com

Anders Lund (Danish spoken only),
Phone +45 2233 4579


Brædstrup Flyveklub, Committee,
President: Jørgen Keis Phone +45 2840 9714 email engvej4@gmail.com

Treasurer: Ebbe Lohmann
E-Mail: lohmann.e@gmail.com

Owner of the Field: Anders Lund, Hovvejen 16,
DK-8740 Brædstrup

Phone: +45 2233 4579
E-Mail al@aastrupgaard.eu



Peter Henningsen