Best Miter Saws Reviewed

I made a decision to include a sliding miter saw to change a Ryobi miter saw in the store. It had to fit in my miter saw station that is 26" deep. Since all my saws make use of 10" blades, I preferred to remain with a 10" design.

That is, up until I stumbled onto the Ironton sold by Northern Devices. I could not discover much information, and extremely couple of reviews on this product, thus, this review. I located my saw provided on Craigs Checklist and also got it for $150. New, they sell for $250 which has to do with 50-60% much less than the large 3 and also a slightly greater than the Craftsman.

The saw I got appears like it had actually been utilized hardly any. Compound Miter Saw is smooth, almost as smooth as the Hitachi and also Makitas I fondled. It has 2 gliding arms on either side which give the saw a bit more security in my point of view. I included an absolutely no clearance insert and when I cut the port, it determined 13 7/16 long to the fencing, making it one of the lengthiest cross cut saws on the market. I have the front feet sitting 23 1/2 inches from the wall surface, which gives me 4" of room in the back to function the bevel lock.

Would you like to upgrade your design?

This saw is a twin bevel, going 47 degree both instructions. It will reduce miters 50 degrees both instructions with detent quits in the process. The detents are very crisp as well as strong. The bevel to the left is very smooth. To the right, the slide housing hits the top of the fencing at 45 levels. This could cause problems if I ever before need to make this cut.

The saw has its peculiarities as well as I am certain the more I use it I will certainly figure out just what I need to do before I cut a bevel or miter. The fence is tall and slides for added width. I will certainly get it closer when I obtain even more time.

The power is adequate. It cuts through 2x material with no recognizable decrease. I utilized the same blade I had on my Ryobi and it functions, yet I make certain a blade substitute is past due.

For the woodworker enthusiast seeking a gliding dual compound miter saw that has a small footprint as well as a reasonable cost, take a look at this saw. I am positive there are much better saws on the marketplace, but also for those of us that do this for fun, this is a step up from the beginning cut saw, and also economical.