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30 november
All Mandy and Marvins babies have found their forever homes...wonderful families!
16 november
Very handsome and attractive - Dan-L´s Licorice Marquise is still available for showhome.
8 november
Babies are now 8 weeks old - and growing up into totally beauties...I love them!!
Dan-L´s Licorice Marquise - available for showhome
Dan-L´s Choc Chip Cinnamon
Dan-L´s Danish Chocolate Chip
Dan-L´s Choc Honey Bomb
Dan-L´s Chocolate Wish
Dan-L´s Chocolate Cupcake - will she stay here??
27 october
6 weeks old and stacked for the first time
The blue boy and 2 chocolate girls are available/ledige
The blue boy - Dan-L´s Licorice Marquise
Purple* Girl
Orange* girl
Pink* girl
Purple1* girl
Rosa* girl
26 october
Babies first time out for dinner..6 weeks old
19 october
Babies now with names:
Dan-L´s Licorice Marquise (blue boy) (available/ ledig)
and the chocolate girls:
Dan-L´s Chocolate Cupcake (available/ledig)
Dan-L´s Choco Honey Bomb (available/ledig)
Dan-L´s Danish Chocolate Chip
Dan-L´s Choc Chip Cinnamon
Dan-L´s Chocolate Wish 
7 october
Babies getting 1st meal 3 weeks old - growing sooo well - and starting getting out of the puppybox.
28 september
Pictures taken at 2 weeks
The blue roan boy
Chocolate white ticked girl.
18 September
Puppies are growing very well - 5 choc girls and 1 blue boy. One little girl lost the battle - bless her. Sisters and brother are doing fine. Im so very pleased with them.
Puppy pyramid in the morning Almost impossible to count them - spots - spots - spots 14 September
Babies are doing well - only one little girl is giving life a fight...we´ll see what will happen - she gets all the support, what is possible  
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