News 2020

18 august
Hayley og Milans hvalpe er født.
16. august blev Kennel Dan-L beriget med et fantastisk kuld på 7.
1 blue roan han
1 blue roan tæve 
1 sort/hvid tæve
3 chocolate roan tæver 
1 chocolate/white
2 august                  
We had a blast of a day yesterday at the danish Sighthoundshow in Nyborg, Dk. Althrough it was a very loong day - judge Charlotte Høiers reports are always worth waiting for. Precious Pequeno aka INTCH PTCH etc Paraiso de Viamonte trotted his way to BOB while Princess Pita aka PTJCH DKJCH etc Dan-L´s Pita Peptoe went BOS with CC. Great day with wonderful chats with friends - thanks to Karsten Kragh for handling Pita and Lisbeth Christensen for photo. So very nice to meet you all again and thanks to Sighthound club for organizing the show.
26 july
The fourth leg of the 4 Split night show in Croatia is done.
Pita aka PTJCH Dkjunch etc Dan-L's Pita Peptoe broke the 2nd leg 🥴🥺🥴🥺 but manage to complete leg 1,3 and 4 gaining
🌟3 CC's - 1 CACIB - 3 BOB🌟
However.. what Pita missed at 2nd leg... my Precious Pequeno aka Intch Ptch etc Paraiso de Viamonte gained by winning
🌟 CACIB - BOB - Split Winner 20 🌟
Pequeno was entred only for that show.
Huge thanks to Henrik, Theis and Cristine for taking so good care of my little ones. ❤️ I love them to pieces and am desperately missing them 🐾💕🐾💕🐾💕
Hoping for a photo of Pequeno to come ... 🙂

1 juli
I have got myself a brand new loge - beautiful made by Cristine Hellström

21 june
Brand new champion at kennel Dan-L's 🏆🍾🌟🏆🍾🌟
Marvelous Milan - KBHJV18 DKJUCH KLBJCH SPKV19 KLBJUBHV18 SPKJV19 Dixie Rebel From Peggywood (ch. Black Lord Smooth Criminal - Dan-L's Keep Me Cute) bred by Bibi Bermon, NL.
The sweetest guy ever has earned and deserved his Danish Champion title to day at Spaniel Club CC show under Mrs. Bolette Heering.
Milan was 2nd bd after Intch Dan-L's Telling Me Dreams, who went BOB.
Lots of warm congrats to Lui's owner Sandra and Per Villumsen.
Not forgetting the 2 girls KBHJV19 DKJV19 DKJUCH SPKHV19 DEJCH DEVDHJCH Dan-L´s Ten For Me 1 interm cl 3 BB owner Anne-lise Anne-Lise Dyhl and GRJCH GRJW18 KBHJV18 Dan-L´s Chocolate Easter Star - 2 opencl - owner Melissa and Jeanne Tribler I am soooo very proud of these 4 cockers 💗
19 may
The three little piglets has grown into absolutely adorable 8 weeks old podengo babies 🥰💗🥰💗🥰💗
They are soon leaving to conquer the world and I am very sure, that they will make me very proud.
Wish them all the best of luck
Dan-L´s Pepita Pina
Dan-L´s Pipa Pipelette
Dan-L´s Portuguese Perola
out of INTCH PTCH+45 Paraiso de Viamonte
and INTCH PTCH+42 Tappinskis Dare You Pouca
Dan-L´s Pepita Pina
Dan-L´s Pipa Pipelette

Dan-L´s Portuguese Perola
9 may
Milan - aka junch etc Dixie Rebel From Peggywood produces CHOCOLATE!
12 march
Laura !!! - You are such a bitch!

3 march
35 Years

2 march
Princess Pita aka Ptjch Dkjunch etc Dan-L's Pita Peptoe has grown up, now 15 month old she made me extremely proud by taking 2 cc, 2 cacib, 2 Best of Breed with the best words from the judges. Uncle Pequeno aka Intch Ptch etc Paraiso de Viamonte was 2x BOS 2 cc, cacib at IDS Groningen, Nederland. Precious Pequeno is bred by Miguel Sabino. Thanks for great company to the cocker, crest and podeng/co- lovers and lots of congrats on your wonderful wins 🏆 🐾 🏆 🐾
13 january
How proud I am of my Princess Pita aka Junch +11 Dan-L's Pita Peptoe We went to the Latin Winner & Porto Winner shows in Porto, Portugal and the Princess was flying high on the wings of Best Bitch - Jun CC - Junior Latin Winner 20 Saturday and Best Junior Bitch Jun CC - Junior Porto Winner 20 Sunday.
She earned the precious:
PORTUGUESE JUNIOR CHAMPION 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 too. .... and.. Yes!!!! I am proud ❤️
Meeting great friends is icing on the cake 💕
1st january
Amazing 2019 has ran out and OMG what a Year it has been!!!!
The dogs and I have been on the most fantastic tours around Europe and we have met old friends, made new friends, seen loads of hotels, showvenues and spend thousands of kilometers on highroads
I maintain the high standard for my small kennel and am sooo very proud of my cockers Milan,Villumsen, Cookie and Lui and podengos Pequeno, Pouca and Pita for bringing home to us .....
💥💥💥💥 OUTSTANDING 47 new titles 💥💥💥💥

Pita - Dan-L´s Pita Peptoe
Pouca - Tappinskis Dare You Pouca
Pequeno - Paraiso de Viamonte

Villumsen - Dan-L´s What Dreams Are Made Of
Cookie - Dan-L´s Ten For Me
Lui - Dan-L´s Telling Me Dreams
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