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7 november 
History has been written at Dan-L ❣️ 1st litter of Podengo Portuguese has been born 6 november - after 35 years of breeding cockers (still do) - at Dan-L ❣️
Pretty Pouca aka INTCH PTCH etc Tappinskis Dare You has given birth to super strong and healthy babies - 2 girls & 1 boy ❤️❤️💙
Sire of these babies is INTCH etc Gelado da Praia do Ribatejo.
Thank you Laurence and Ulf for being so very helpful 💞
1 girl/pige available/ledig
Feminin and sooo beautiful Pica is looking for her forever home

Dan-L´s Paco Popeye - boy - ledig/available

Dan-L´s Pica Pin-Up - girl available

Pouca with babies day 1

Pouca - INTCH PTCH etc Tappinskis Dare You Pouca

INTCH etc Gelado da Parai do Robatejo

Goodnight,  says Pica
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