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6 December 2010  updated 15 Dec (added a video link)
Awards season...
Sheila and David Suchet arriving for the Evening Standard Theatre Awards at the Savoy Hotel in London, Nov 28, 2010
No awards were thrown at Suchet at the Evening Standard Awards but don’t despair, the season has just started, there are plenty of events coming up in near future.
David Suchet attends the Awards Concert Launch at Cafe De Paris in London, Dec 3, 2010. Copyright Getty ImagesAnd - the nominations keep coming in right now; Theatregoers’ Choice Awards has nominated Suchet best actor for All My Sons. Also Zöe Wanamaker, Jemima Rooper and Stepen Campbell Moore are nominated for All My Sons as well as Director Howard Davies. The production is also among the nominees for best revival of a play. The awards are the only ones voted for by the public and covers the best of the theatregoing year. Winners will be announced 20 February 2011 at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London. Vote for your favourites here 
Yet another nomination for Suchet; The International Press Academy’s Satellite Awards for his role in Murder on the Orient Express (the PBS version in the US). He’s been nominated in the category: “Actor in a miniseries or a motion picture made for television” and the ceremony takes place 19 December at the Intercontinental Hotel in Los Angeles. 
Best of luck to Suchet!
New Poirots...
Scripts are in development for new Poirots. Nigel Dear is currently adapting novels for new episodes which will air sometime next year. Suchet reckons to have done all six remaining stories in three years time – by then he plans to hang up his spats and is now reflecting on the idea of letting a younger actor take over portraying the detective’s earlier life in a modern-day-story. He says:”You could give the character a whole new life by exploring his early years”.
Read the good news here 
NB! Correction of air date in UK for the documentary David Suchet on the Orient Express
The docu airs December 19 – ITV press release 
Murder on the Orient Express…
The TV episode airs in UK around Christmas time. I’ve received two different dates; Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, I don’t know which one is correct, maybe they both are. You can check with the TV guide on as soon as the schedule becomes available for that week.
ITV's press pack - opens in Word
Behind the scenes video
France released a DVD of the edited version (80 minutes) Dec 1 - get it on French Amazon 
Agatha Christie’s Poirot – Collection 8 in UK…
The DVD box set is up for pre-order on UK Amazon. Release date is January 3, 2011 and the box features four of the latest episodes: The Clocks, Three Act Tragedy, Hallowe’en Party and Murder on the Orient Express. Bonus content: Behind-the-scenes on Murder on the Orient Express and the documentary “David Suchet on the Orient Express”
Poirot goes commercial…
What do Poirot and Lady Godiva have in common? They are both into chocolate… Ah, okay, I don’t know if Lady Godiva actually liked chocolate but its close enough. Poirot loves his hot cocoa and comes from Belgium, the Godiva company took its name in honour of Lady Godiva, and its chocolate brand derives from Belgium - put it together and you get an ad for Godiva chocolate with a voice-over by Poirot – watch the ad in the video below.
(with thanks to Deb, Vanessa, Slava, Diana and Martin for parts of these informations)
26 September 2010
Small news…
All My Sons ends October 2 after four and a half month's run in the West End. It has been a major success and I’m sure there will be a couple of awards coming its way. I was lucky to be able to go watching it myself on September 11 and all the praising of the play hasn’t been exaggerated; the setting was beautiful and very realistic, the acting was riveting and the duo Suchet/Wanamaker gave an outstanding performance, issues which in return gave the whole cast a well-deserved standing ovation.
After the evening’s performance I DID go backstage door, just to take a peek but for several reasons I had to leave before the cast came out. So I don’t have any autographs/photos to share with you, unfortunately.
However, I’ve been told that there’s a guy at the back entrance who pins fans’ countries on a world map, so pls, pls put Denmark up there if it’s not already on because I WAS there!
Suchet’s next project is for television, he’s going to play a psychiatrist. The script is in development but there are no further details yet. Suchet has previously talked about a role coming up in a TV series so this could be it.
10 July 2010
Murder on the Orient Express premieres in the US on PBS July 11
Cast on Murder on the Orient Express
Well, ain't you just the lucky ones! Here I thought that I once again would be among the firsts to watch a brand new Poirot episode... and I would have been, if it hadn't been for some film editing delays in Britain.
The episode was taken off the Swedish TV program shortly before the announced airing date in June to huge disappointment to many here in Scandinavia. New actual date haven't been announced yet but it's expected to air 
in the autumn. 
According to the trailers we've seen so far this is going to be a very dark and dramatic story with a tormented Poirot. Mathew Pritchard, Agatha Christie's grandson, says in an interview with Lake Erie LifeStyle this month: "the new 'Murder' [on the Orient Express] retains the time period, elegance and romance of the original novel. The screenplay, however, adds a new layer of intense drama not present before in the story or previous movie versions". According to another interview with Suchet we're going to experience a Poirot who is on his own personal journey, a journey in which he's up against his own morals, and the outcome breaks him!  
 - check the details in the menu to the left on PBSs official website (note that the episode is also available online (in the US only) for a limited period. The US DVD releases July 27 (includes Third Girl and Appointment with Death) - pre-order it on The episode also releases July 13 on DVD in Belgium and the Netherlands with Dutch subtitles and English speak (includes The Clocks, Three Act Tragedy and Hallowe'en Party) - pre-order it here  
7 July 2010
Schedule for the documentary David Suchet on the Orient Express
Prior to Murder on the Orient Express on PBS July 11 in the US, the channel airs the documentary about the train and its history July 7 (check your local listings). You can also watch it online here (only in the US) from July 8. It’s available on You Tube as well (part 1 of 5, narration is in Norwegian, all other 'characters' speak English. Look for the other parts under ShabrinAlessi). Screenshots here and here
Sneak peek on All My Sons - with thanks to Pascale
27 May 2010
Change of schedule for Murder on the Orient Express on Swedish TV4...

Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m as much disappointed as you may be when you hear this... but unless the speaker on Swedish TV4 made a mistake last night and announced the wrong broadcast for next week’s Wednesday program, we are not going to get the highly anticipated Murder on the Orient Express in this round.

For two weeks my local TV guide has announced the episode to broadcast 2 June - today, when I checked, it says they air a comedy of some sort, so I’m afraid the announcement yesterday seems to be right...

I don’t have a substitute airdate yet; I will of course let you know as soon as I have.
18 May 2010  updated 19 May 11:48 GMT+1
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DVD releases... 
Playing Shakespeare region 2Playing Shakespeare releases June 21 on region 2. It comes in a 3-disc box set and seems to have skipped all the goodies and bonuses that featured on the region 1 release last year. It’s up for pre-order on UK Amazon.
Freud region 1Freud - A new edition of the BBC mini-series was released May 4 on region 1. Unlike the previous Dutch version it has English subtitles and features a newly recorded interview with Suchet who received a Royal Television Society Award for his role as Freud.
"...features a well-rounded ensemble cast including BAFTA Award-winner Miriam Morgolyes...., BAFTA nominee Michael Kitchen...., Suzanne Bertish...., Michael Pennington...., Anton Lesser.... and David Swift... "  
Box set 5Poirot - Murder on the Orient Express, Third Girl and Appointment with Death releases on DVD region 1, August 31 and is up for pre-order on US Amazon. It comes with the documentary David Suchet on the Orient Express which recently aired on Norwegian TV.
Poirot TV schedule
Hallowe’en Party
Swedish TV4 – 26 May
Murder on the Orient Express
Swedish TV4 - 2 June
US Masterpiece Mystery - 11 July  
UK – rumoured December
TV tie-in paperback edition of Murder on the Orient Express
Suchet as PoirotHarper Collins publishes the novel in a TV tie-in edition September 2010 – it marks Suchet’s 21 years in the role as Poirot and includes interviews and photos from the film. You can pre-order it on UK Amazonwith thanks to Diana for this info
Suchet considers bringing Poirot to the stage...
Suchet has revealed to What’s on Stage that he might take Poirot to the stage.  He hasn’t decided whether it’s going to happen or which story to be but is in ‘debate’ with himself on the subject.
He says it would have to be ‘a huge story with a fantastic set’  with himself in the leading role and worthwhile doing. “I don’t want to be in a country-house drama as Poirot on stage” he tells.
In another interview in The Sun he promises to keep high production values on the remaining six TV episodes of Poirot in spite of low budgets in the industry.
I’d probably say no if they asked me to film the final six on a limited budget”...  ... “Being an associate producer has allowed me that voice. I have the right to say to a director, “That’s not good enough” he says.
Suchet, hoping to film the remaining six within the next 18 months, also reveals that - unofficially - new Poirot scripts may be in development already.
New photo...
With thanks to Pascale!
Suchet in the Middle East
 Relaxation during shootings of Death on the Nile
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