The current issue in the debate about climate change is not the changing weather but cultural change.
Protection against climate change cannot be motivated by self-interest alone. Are there 'global' notions of responsibility that could motivate agents around the world? And if not, which families of values from different cultures could be used to enable concerted action?
Climate change is a moral challenge: Who are ‘we’ and why does ‘our’ future matter to each of ‘us’? This is a question for intercultural inquiry on values.
We will not come to terms with the climate issue if we do not have the courage to expose and discuss the cultural and moral grounds on which scientific claims, economic models and policies are based.

Climate change is global, morality is local
Another "inconvenient truth" we need to address?

The aim of this conference is to address, in intercultural dialogue, the most important question in the international debate about climate change: Can we develop a notion of joint global ecological responsibility?


ICON Aarhus University