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På Mission i Verdens Brændpunkter
Interview by Jens Christian Hermansen, Magasinet Kosmos, 90(4) pages 16-23. Published in Danish and Swedish, will be published online in other landguages, including English, in the spring 2023.  About the chances for war in conflicts such as Ukraine/Russia. Experiences from the peace process in Aceh, Indonesia. 
Mariupol before the war -
pictures and text

Mariupol before the war 2020

Finnish journalist Matti Posio wrote this story in newspaper Kainuun Sanomat 10 December 2022. It contains many pictures taken by me during election observation in 2020. 

A printed version was in Vikonvaihde p. B6 og B7


Formidling af chok
Radio program about the role of Television achors and reporters during a war and crises. While there were guests in the studio, I contributed with prerecorded examples from the coverage of Ukraine and September 11, 2001.
European war 2022
Kommentar til Ukraine krigen, Nordvestnyt 1. marts 2022.
Valgobservation støtter både demokratiet og giver et unikt indblik i et lands befolkning.

FSB-Nyt, December 2020. Read it: file:///C:/Users/Kirsten%20Mogensen/Downloads/FSBnyt_2020-4.pdf

- report from inspired writing

By Kirsten Mogensen, 4. January 2020

Two days in a row, I have now in my spiritual practice (inspired writing) received pictures supplemented with what appears to explain some very disturbing events these days, including extreme fires in Australia and South America, and fear of a new war between Iran (incl. Middle East) and the USA (incl. Europe). Over many years of spiritual practice, it is the first time, I have received such perspectives related to world events, so I will share them. I assume that other people in various parts of the world have received similar impressions.

Yesterday during my practice, I felt myself being in the space and from there, I could observe our planet. I saw the many exteme fires, and I saw rockets being sent in all directions, coming from the USA, China and Europe and probably other countries as well. These rockets started fires. It was as if everything that humans' had created as part of civilizations was destroyed, e.g. I saw old buildings. Because I was observing from the space, the events were not treatening to me, and I did not feel any fear, only sadness and surprise. Next, I saw the planet after the destuction of human civilizations. It was like a sense of relift filled the air. Forests had grown all over and there vere many animals. A single human showed himself to me - it was a man, covered only with a pice of skin and holding on to a stick. He cautiously came from the forest, but he was not affraid of the forest. There was a sense of peace on Earth.

Today, I was again presented with visuals of our world in flames. Above the flames were lots of smoke which created darkness, so the whole world was dark. I was given the impression that there no longer is something humans can do to stop the destruction - we can only let the process finish. In the front of these visuals, I saw a leader with red hair, but I am not sure which of the world leaders,  and I will not guess. There are more than one candidate. He was watching the process without emotions. He had started the process, and he was born to take that role, so he had done what he came to do. Somebody had to do it, and he voluntered. I was not told why it was meant to happen. 

I usually don't share the content of my inspired writings publicly, but I felt I had to do it this time. Psychologists may interepret my writing as a sign of some kind of psychiatric diagnose (which I do not have at the moment), but I do feel that we are experiencing something extremely dangerous now. Maybe you have received similar impressions and will share them?

I have written my impressions down in a book that I use in my spiritual practice, but the form in which we receive spiritual communication is less important than the message. 

I send my love to all who are suffering from the fires and wars, and pray that the pain with be short. I trust that we will meet in another place after the destruction and that maybe we will then have a new chance to build a sustainable life for all of us. 

Fighting terrorism with
non-violent means

By Kirsten Mogensen, 17 October 2018

War against terrorism has proved to be difficult for many reasons that not all of us understand, but while this fight against terrorism continues for decades, civilians suffer, and their lives are shattered, which is exactly what the terrorist aim at.
According to Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, “terrorism is commonly understood to refer to acts of violence that target civilians in the pursuit of political or ideological aims”, “terrorism aims at the very destruction of human rights, democracy and the rule of law”, and “United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy reflects the pledge by Member States to “promote international solidarity in support of victims and foster the involvement of civil society in a global campaign against terrorism and for its condemnation” (Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights 2008).
It follows as a logical consequence that if we do not allow our lives to be shattered, and if we manage to protect human dignity, then the terrorists have lost. They will not have succeeded in what they aimed at.
So therefore, it is essential to protect democracy when threatened by terrorist groups (Mogensen 2008, 2010) and it is essential to help find techniques so that humans can survive with human dignity and be valuable members of society despite the terrorists attempt to destroy them.
In this light, we can view the Nobel Peace Prize 2018. According to the foundation, “The Nobel Peace Prize 2018 was awarded jointly to Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad "for their efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict.”
We cannot prevent the terrorist from creating trauma, but we can limit their impacts and thereby in reality create a resistant movement based on non-violence.

Public Diplomacy

Commentary on Danish Naional Broadcast, P1, on September 23, 2013. I analyzised the implicit message in the public letters from Iranian President Rouhani in Washington Post September 20, and Russian President Putin in New York Times September 11 plus Syrian Assad on Fox News September 19. The commentary  is in Danish. 

You can do it! – en beretning om bedstemoderen bag Googles succes

Kirsten Mogensen skriver om Esther Wojcicki, bedstemoderen bag Googles succes. Wojcicki har gode råd til forældre og lærere, som vil forberede deres børn på fremtidens innovationsøkonomi.

Read the article

Journalistik under terrorangreb:

Casestudie af Amerikanske tv-journalisters normer for dækningen af 911.

Baggrundsrapport med beskrivelse af metode, teori, empiri og baggrundsanalyser.

This is a research protocol for a case study of the coverage of the events on September 11 2001 in the major American television networks. This report is in Danish, however it contains quotes from interviews with 37 American Journalists and the quotes are in English. A number of publish articles are based on the research, please see my publication list. Most of them are in English.



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