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Despite the myth that just major label musicians can get this desired promotional placement, actually, any track distributed individually via It's the same Songs can be taken into consideration for positioning.

There's no warranty of a front page iTunes placement, particularly if you're anonymous, login but below are some tips to enhance your chances of being included.

Top pointers to assist you get music showcased on iTunes

Strategy your release meticulously

The folks at iTunes have the tendency to pick featured musicians weeks before their placement, so it is essential to select a launch date around three to 4 weeks after you submit your songs.
In this manner, you'll have lots of time to advertise it and also rack up the pre-order sales you'll require for iTunes to take notice (discover even more regarding iTunes pre-order listed below!).

You'll additionally wish to make certain your music is easy to locate. Do you have clear connect to your tracks from your website and social media pages? There's no opportunity of marketing sufficient to make an effect if followers can not find your track.

Install Musically Login on Computer, Android & iOS Devices

Maximize sales-boosting devices

You can include optional additionals including iTunes Pre-order as well as SMS key phrases when you disperse your songs through It's the same.
All your pre-order sales are consisted of in your launch day overall, as well as can assist to improve your iTunes chart placement.
So benefit from these extra tools to increase your sales, as well as develop more buzz around your launch prior to your track's even readily available to the masses.
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Obtain top quality recordings

As noticeable as it may seem, in the long run it's everything about the songs! It matters not just how amazing your tune appears live, if you don't have an expert recording to get the attention of listeners, your track will certainly never make the iTunes front web page.

It might be pricey, yet a professional recording can make or damage your possibilities of success, so hire a manufacturer, get into the studio and also ensure your tracks seem their finest.

Install Musically Login on Computer, Android & iOS Devices

Develop buzz around your music

Just how realistic it is that you would certainly obtain onto the front page of iTunes right now? There needs to be some kind of a buzz around your music to be in with a possibility of a front page feature.
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iTunes do not care if you're the greatest band worldwide, they require a genuine reason to put you on their front page.

When it involves front web page attributes, iTunes has the tendency to choose cds over singles.
iTunes also showcases separate songs graphes for different styles, which can help you build your track record and also reach.
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Take into consideration the competitors

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of bands and musicians trying to getting the iTunes front web page at any type of offered time, so it's always worth taking into consideration the competition.