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Watch No Good Deed Online On Putlocker. Watch No Good Deed Online On Viooz. Terri, a committed wife and mother of two, carries on with a perfect life that takes a sensational turn when her home and kids are undermined by Colin, an enchanting outsider who smooth-talks his path into her home, asserting auto inconvenience. The startling welcome abandons her and her family threatened and battling for survival.
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Release date: September 12, 2014 (USA)

Director: Sam Miller

Production company: Screen Gems

Screenplay: Aimee Lagos

Producers: Will Packer, Lee Clay

Terri (Taraji P. Henson) is a committed wife and mother of two, carrying on with a perfect suburban life in Atlanta when Colin (Idris Elba), an enchanting yet hazardous got away convict, appears at her entryway asserting auto inconvenience. Terri offers her telephone to help him yet soon discovers that awful deed goes unpunished as she ends up battling for survival when he attacks her home and threatens her gang.

Watch No Good Deed Online Movie Megashare. Terri Granger (Taraji P. Henson) is at home with her child Sam and adolescent little girl Ryan. Her closest companion Meg (Leslie Bibb) recommends that Terri unwind by offering a young ladies night to her. Terri's spouse Jeffrey (Henry Simmons) arrives home sufficiently long to pack for an excursion to visit his father, and is unhelpful and fretful with Terri regardless of his affirmations that he adores her.

In Atlanta, Colin stalks a lady named Alexis (Kate del Castillo), who was his fiancee before he went to penitentiary. He stands up to her with proof that she has been unfaithful; after she confesses to resting with an alternate man, he savagely kills her. Later, Colin crashes his van in a storm and strolls to Terri's home, landing at supper time and request her assistance in getting a tow truck.

Watch No Good Deed Online Movie Viooz. She welcomes him inside and keeps an eye on an injury on his brow, while he charms her and Ryan. He opens up about his fiancee having undermined him. Meg touches base with wine and is pulled in to Colin. They impart the wine and Colin utilizes the chance of an imparted smoke break to control Meg into questioning Terri's genuineness before killing Meg with a scoop and concealing her body. Colin tells Terri that Meg left, however Terri sees Meg's umbrella is still in the house.

She likewise understands that the telephone lines are cut and the kitchen blades are absent. In the wake of making tracks in an opposite direction from Ryan, she assaults him with a flame quencher however is not able to escape with the youngsters before he recuperates. Holding Terri at gunpoint, Colin strengths her to remained in the shower as he washes himself, then rolls out her uncover and improvement her garments. Terri anticipates that him will assault her, however he doesn't. She again assaults him, figuring out how to cut him, yet neglects to escape.

Watch No Good Deed Online Movie Putlocker. Colin powers Terri to bring the kids and push him away in her auto; as they leave, Terri sees Meg's body. Out and about, Terri figures out how to alarm a police office to the risk she is in; the officer pulls them over, yet Colin shoots and slaughters him before he can help her. Colin makes Terri drive to Alexis' home, where he differentiates Terri from her youngsters and abandons her tied up in the room with Alexis' body.

Terri figures out how to free herself in time to answer Alexis' ringing telephone, and the get ends up being from Jeffrey, who is attempting to affirm that Alexis is reaching him at an inn. Terri understands that the experience with Colin was not irregular; her spouse is the man Alexis was dozing with, and Colin needs vindicate. Terri lets her know astonished spouse that Alexis is dead and she and their kids have been seized.

Watch No Good Deed Online Movie 2014 Streaming Full. She lets him know to send help to Alexis' home. She finds Ryan and Sam and shrouds them, and after that assaults Colin again when he returns. Exploiting the wound, she additions control of his weapon and shoots him over and over, making him drop out a window to his demise.

The police land, alongside Jeffrey. He apologizes to Terri, however she reacts by punching him in the face. Sooner or later, Terri exists in another house with Sam and Ryan. She delights in a day in the recreation center with the kids.
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