About us

We are indeed a couple of ”bluepeople”-incarnates (yeah you know me ;D), that recently discovered that we dont have to do that silly shit that we've been doing for 10.000 years. We are tired of being hollowed out by the crown man, and now that the moon's (yes, that is Moon, in plural) is on our side, and the world is pure collective dreaming, we have taken up that old challenge, and have begun building the orgone devices – because it is a perfect tool for this, the universal age, and very well might be a critical tool at that as well.

Ayasiris my pure love, my righteous guide – she first discovered the tantric ways of our blessed aetheral devices, and it was at her idea we started the production, gifting and sharing. Many now have discovered this simple knowledge, and hopefully the knowledge will spread.

It was on those 3 days of darkness, the last day – She went to one of the Star-gates – the one at the monument Of Visoko, Bosnia y Herzegovina – on the top of the Pyramid of the sun, one of many monuments complimenting the ancient megalithic bases (that is stargates, yes my boy, a-a-all over the world).

And so as the light came back, I came to join her – and then our blue friend wink'd at us from the sky with such a pleasent and seductive notion, that we should get our shit together and start producing that strange stuff... And our blue friend also said, that not only will this stuff make our ancestors speak to us again – but it will open the gates at a new – for anyone to go anywhere :)


So here we are, and we are so-o-o fucking exited about NOW!! HAHAHAH :D


Come see us for a chill shanti time, if you're in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, South-nors-amerikass, afriks, ruska anexxia, interzone, anywhere in Europe!? Or ... what planet!? Put a hook init brow' give me a mission, give me a hint and We'll come see you - luv - xxxooo             -Yussef


Lovely to s-e-e y-o-u And welcome to OrgoneOrigin.

We are proud, ecxitied and finally able to showcase our new line of highly conductive, mezmerisingly bold - blood, sweat & tear induced Orgone generators. Handmade and blessed with patience, hope & love.

”An orgone-generator in a short comprehensible description, is a device that charges ions negativly, that simply makes a better environment for people to live- and plants to grow in”

*** We are Ayasiris and Yussef La Roche, At your humble service ***

Ayasiris | Frodesvej 22, Åbyhøj - Danmark | Tlf.: 25122912