Flauta and JakobFlauta from Skúfslæk IS2008282581

Flauta is after the great stallion Glotti from Sveinatungu (8.64) and Líra from Hafssteinssstöðum (7.97). Flauta recieved a very high score in breeding only 4 years old, with 8.29 for riding abilities, 7.91 for conformation and 8.14 in total. She´s got 9 for back and 8,5 for proportions. For spirit, she got a well deserved 9, and 8,5 for tölt, form under rider and slow tölt. She´s got 8 for trot and pace. She is a very fun and charming mare with great tempo in her gaits.
Flauta and Jakob
Flauta and Jakob
Flauta and Jakob
 Flauta and Jakob

GersemiGersemi from Syðri-Gegnisholum IS2007287663

Gersemi is after Leiknir from Vakursstöðum and Gráhildur from Selfossi. She is tall and good looking with 8.5 for both neck/shoulders and proportions. She has a good temper and natural high movements. Gersemi got a very good breeding score only 5 years old, with 8.35 for riding abilities, 8.01 for conformation and 8.21 as a total score. She has good and even gaits with 8.5 for tölt, trot, spirit and form under rider, and 8 for pace, gallop and walk.
Gersemi and Torunn
 Gersemi and Torunn
 Gersemi and Jakob
 Gersemi and Jakob

Plóma and JakobPlóma from Skrúð IS2007235846

Plóma is after Markús from Langholtsparti and Sunna from Skrúð, who is also the mother of Planta from Skrúð with 8.50 in total breeding score.
Plóma got a really good breeding judge only five years old with a total score of 8.19. 8.38 for riding abilities and 7.91 for conformation. She is very good looking and should, in our opinion, have a higher score for conformation. Her gaits are good and even with high leg action. 8,5 for tölt, trot, gallop and form under rider. 7,5 for pace and 9 for spirit.
Plóma and Jakob
Plóma and Jakob
Plóma and Jakob
 Plóma and Jakob

Íris from Vestri-Leirárgörðum IS1995235472

Íris frá Vestri-LeirárgörðumÍris is after Galdri frá Sauðárkrók (8,27) and Ýr from Vestri-Leirárgörðum (7,73).
Íris got the total score of 8,08 with 8,09 for conformation and 8,06 for riding abilities. 8,5 for proportions, hooves, gallop, spirit, form under rider and slow tempo tölt. 
Íris´s offsprings:
Ímynd from Steinsholti, born 2003, after Hugi from Hafsteinsstöðum. First price mare with 8, 28 in total. She is also a Steinsholt-breeding mare and you can find more information further down this page.
Hugmynd frá Steinsholti
Hugmynd from Steinsholti, born 2004, after Hróður from Refsstöðum. She got injured as a youngster and she could not function well under hard training, but succseeded to show her to the total of 7,77. She was sold to Denmark as a breedingmare with a little Auður from Lundum in her belly and a beautiful foal after Asi from Lundum.
Dögg frá SteinsholtiDögg from Steinsholti, born 2006, after Dynur from Hvammi. Pretty with a lot of mane and good movements. Promising mare. Sold to Germany.
Steina frá Steinsholti
Steina from Steinsholti,
born 2005, after Gustur from Hóli. Good fivegaited mare with the total score of 7.81. For SALE.
Dynjandi from Steinsholti, born 2008, after Tindur from Vamalæk. Nice gelding with long mane like the other offsprings og Íris.
Hátíð from Steinsholti, born 2009, after Hæringur from Litla-Kambi. Beautiful mare.
Ívar from Steinsholti, born 2010, after Kappi from Kommu. Promising gaits.
Ísak from Steinsholti, born 2011, after Eldjárn from Tjaldhólum.
Sesar from Steinsholti, born 2012, after Skýr from Skálakoti.
Dynjandi frá SteinsholtiHátíð frá SteinsholtiÍvar frá Steinsholti

Ímynd from Steinsholti IS2003235078

Sören and Ímynd
Ímynd is after Hugi from Hafsteinsstöðum (8,31) and Íris from Vestri-Leirárgörðum (8,08). Ímynd is a very good fourgaited mare with the total score of 8,28 with 8,34 for conformation and 8,24 for riding abilities. 9 for neck, withers and shoulders, tölt, spirit and form under rider.
Ímynd´s offsprings:
Sveifla from Steinsholti
Sveifla from Steinsholti, born 2009, after Auður from Lundum II. Sveifla is very beautiful and shows high movements in both tölt and trot.
Ilmur from Steinsholti, born 2011, after Asi from Lundum II. Beautiful mare.

Bót from Akranesi IS1996235014

Bót from Akranesi
Bót is after Hágangur from Sveinatungu (8,03) and the great Busla from Eiríksstöðum (7,49). Bót got the total score of 7,80 with 7,98 for conformation and 7,67 for riding abilities. She is fourgaited and got 8 for tölt, trot, gallop and spirit, 8,5 for form under rider and 9,5 for walk.
Bót´s offsprings :
Þór hja Bót
Þór from Steinsholti, born 2006 after Blær from Torfunesi. Þór is a good ridinghorse. He is a big horse, Bót seems to give tall horses.
Njörður from Steinsholti, born 2007 after Auður from Lundum II. Njörður is a big and beautiful horse. He is also a very promising fourgaiter with high movements.
EirEir from Steinsholti, born 2009 after Arður from Lundum II. She has good movements in both tölt and trot and always shows a very nice posture.
Bót og Askur
Askur from Steinsholti, born 2010 after Stikill from Skrúð. Really beautiful youngster taking big steps.
Baldur from Steinsholti, born 2011 after Asi from Lundum II. Nice movements and good looking.
Embla from Steinsholti, born 2012 after Hrókur from Efsta Dal 2.

Þoka from Spágilsstöðum IS2004238476:

Þoka is after Hrymur from Hofi (8,20) and Blika from Spágilsstöðum(7,71) who has produced four 1st price mares.
Þoka has the total score of 8,04 with 7,90 for conformation and 8,13 for riding abilities. 9 for tölt and spirit. Powerful mare with high movements!
Þoka from SpágilsstöðumÞoka
Þoka´s offsprings:
Hríma from Steinsholti
Hríma from Steinsholti, born 2010, She is after Asi from Lundum II. She shows high movements in both tölt and trot.
Hersir from Steinsholti, born 2011 after Auður from Lundum II. Shows very nice movements and a nice posture.
Spá from Steinsholt, born 2012 after Skýr from Skálakot. Very beautiful mare with high movements.

Birna from Kettilsstöðum IS1993276179:

Birna frá Ketilsstöðum
Birna is after Hjörvar from Ketilsstöðum (8,31) and Brynja from Ketilsstöðum (8,03).
Birna er has the total score of 8,07, confirmation 7,72  and riding abilities 8,30 with 8,5 for tölt, pace and spirit.
Birna´s offsprings:
Bylgja from Steinsholti, born 2002 after Geisli from Sælukoti. Bylgja got the total score of 8,00. For riding abilities 8,12 and 7,81 for confirmation. Bylgja was sold.
Kóngur from Steinsholti, born 2003 after Forseti from Vorsabæ. He is now in Denmark.
Þóra from Steinsholti, born 2004 after Þóroddur from Þóroddsstöðum. Þóra got 7,86 in total score, 7,99 for confirmation and 7,77 for riding abilities. Nice mare with clean gates. Þóra is now in Denmark.
Djákni from Steinsholti, born 2006. After Dalvar from Auðsholtshjáleigu. Decieced.
Garpur from Steinsholti, born 2007 after Glotti from Sveinatungu. Promising fivegaiter. 
Hrymur from Steinsholti, born 2008 after Hæring from Litla-Kambi. Beautiful with good movements for SALE.
BlesiBlesi from Steinsholti, born 2010 after Stikil from Skrúð. Good looking with white mane and tale. Decieced.
Máni from Steinsholti, born 2011 after Abel from Eskiholti for SALE.
Síf from Steinsholti, born 2012 after Skýr from Skálakoti. Really nice movements.
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