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Agnes Clara Tatham
Agnes Clara Tatham

Nethe Dalby about Agnes Clara Tatham

Nethe Dalby
On the walls of my grandmother's home hung some paintings by her sister, my great aunt Agnes Clara Tatham. It was a pleasure to lose oneself in the content and stories depicted in these paintings; some with motifs from the Nordic and other mythologies, others family portraits and landscapes. I have created this site in order to have a place where family, friends and admirers can share knowledge of and information about the life and works of Artist & Portrait painter Agnes Clara Tatham

Northcourt House, Abingdon.  
Watercolour by Bernard C. Gotch


Agnes Clara Tatham was an artist at the age of 23








Agnes was born on the 18th of January 1893 at Northcourt House in Abingdon, Berkshire near Oxford, England. She was the fourth out of five Tatham children.

Agnes spent her childhood and youth with her family at Northcourt House, Abingdon. She never married and had no children.

She was an artist at 23, and lived in southern UK at a manor called North Court.
She was an Artist & Portrait painter as well as an illustrator, illustrating a number of childrens books. Most of her work was painted in oil and tempera, but she was also a skillful water colourist. After studying at the Slade she became a well-known artist, with a studio in South Kensington. She had her first exhibit at the Royal Academy at the age of 27, and subsequently her works was widely shown and several of her paintings were exhibited at the Royal Academy.
She received a number of awards for her work over the course of her life.
With two other artists she opened an art school called the Unique School for Children's Art in London. Agnes died on September 13th 1972. 

The ancestors of Agnes

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