Café Kølberts web pages are dominated by a noble wallpaper that cut out of the Seaside Hotel from the turn of the century , when serving the theater is alleged to have originated.

A brutish front
First , we have Kølbertdyret , the animal is actually a cover too much, but turns the tone : rude polite. We are given the choice between Danish and English sides. The English subforside presents a huge group hired waiters with the matron in the middle. The Danish front intermediary for whatever reason , a much smaller selection of servants.
Around the brown tinted photo grouped a number of small photo frames with main menu items : The true story , Café Kølbert on tour , automobile , guests says the press wrote that contact.

Automobile inoperative
Everything neat, clean and neat . There is no serenity disturbing surprises. However disappointing that the photo link of the automobile is out of service . Navigation is uneven and the hassle of that you can not get back and forth between pages , but must return to the start most of the time .
Cafe Kølbert on tour is a terrific collection of holiday snapshots that only a grandmother could love .

Interacting with guests - but not on the Web
The site provides a number of opinions of guests and press. This shows that serving the theater's hallmark is the interaction with the guests. It does not apply to Web pages here are no calls for interaction, no search depth or archive.

 We look forward to an advanced operation.