Research studies on the relationship between a water softener and also septic tank have actually gone as much back as the 70's, through organizations such as the National Cleanliness Structure (NSF), Water Top Quality Organization (WQA) as well as Small Scale Waste Administration Project (SSWMP) at the University of Wisconsin.
Research reveals that not only does an effective, well operating water softener have no unfavorable effect on septic tanks but the water softener has a prospective to aid it.

How a septic tank functions.

Understanding the components of a septic tank is helpful in order to comprehend any type of potential effects your water softener could carry it.
A standard septic tank includes a septic system, a circulation box, and a drainfield, all attached by pipes. Wastewater travels via pipelines from the house to the septic tank where the solids go to the bottom of the container and lighter material float to the top.
During the septic treatment process, both layers are partially broken down with the aid of germs that normally occurs in human waste. The septic system discharges water right into a drainpipe area as even more wastewater is launched from the home.