Practical information

Getting to Aarhus by airplane

You can fly into Aarhus Airport (about 40 minutes shuttle bus to town) and Billund Airport (about 90 minutes shuttle bus). 
  • For the shuttle bus schedule at Aarhus airport click here. You can pay with cash or credit cards, fare is 90 DKK one way.

  • For the shuttle bus from and to Billund click here.  The bus stops in front of the Radisson Hotel.  From there it is a 5-10 walk to most other hotels listed on this website.

By train

From Copenhagen Airport you can reach Aarhus by a 3 1/2 hour train ride that is both comfortable and visually pleasant.  All trains arrive at the main station from where it is a 5-10 min walk to most of the hotels listed on this website.
If you are not an invited speaker of this conference, we would like to ask you to make your own travel arrangement.  The tourist agency 'VisitAarhus' will be happy to answer any practical questions you might have about traveling to and staying in Aarhus.

From the hotel to the conference venue

If you stay at the Scandic Plaza or the CabInn Hotel, you will find a welcome sheet with information on how to get from the hotel to the conference venue. 

There are several bus lines with frequent departures from both hotels and it takes about 5-10 minutes by bus. 

If you stay at the CabInn you might prefer to walk (about 20-30 minutes); a student guide will be there to walk with you, leaving 12:00 on Tuesday and 8:20 on Wednesday morning.

Map 1: Walk from CabInn to Conference Foyer (about 25 minutes)

Map 2: Walk from Scandic to Conference Foyer (about 35 minutes)

Conference Venue

The conference will take place in several locations on the campus of Aarhus University. 

The conference foyer and registration desk is in building 1441, the so-called Theology Building. 

Liability and Insurance

The conference organizers do not assume any responsibility whatsoever for damage or injury to persons or property during the conference.  We recommend that participants arrange for  personal travel and health insurance.


Daytime average temperature in November is around 7 degrees Celsius, evening temperature may drop to 0 degrees Celsius.  It is advisable to bring an umbrella. For weather information see


Normal banking hours is from 10:00 to 16:00 hrs, Monday to Friday. On Thursday banking hours are extended to 18:00 hrs.

There are ATMs usually located in connection with a bank branch, which accept a variety of international credit cards. The cards accepted are indicated on the dispenser.


Electricity is supplied at 230 volts A/C, 50 Hz cycle.

Please make sure that you bring adapters for European electrical outlets.


The official language of the conference is English.  English is also the unofficial second language of Denmark.


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