Kirsten Mogensen

Supplementary Training


Training for Long Term Observers in the EU Election Observation Missions. The course was supplied by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented by the Election Observation and Democratic Support project (EODS) and NIRAS A/S.


Election observation training. OSCE /ODHIR in connection with the Presidential election in Mongolia.


Election observation training. OSCE / ODIHR in connection with the US Presidentail Election.

2009 and 2010

Election observation training, OSCE / ODIHR, Moldova and Kyrgyz Republic. Competences developed: Election observation techniques


Weight consultant, Certified consultant, The Weight Consultants, DDV, Denmark.


PC Drivers License, Roskilde University, Denmark. Competences demonstrated:

• PowerPoint 2003

• Outlook 2003

• Access 2003

• Excel 2003

• Word 2003 


Election observation training, EU, Sierra Leone. Competences developed: Election observation techniques


"Advanced Security in the Field", United Nations Department of Safety and Security, Denmark. Competences developed: Understanding of security and safety concerns in conflict area.


NEEDS Training Seminar for Press Officers, Pavia, Italy. Competences developed:

• Press handling

• Public Diplomacy

• The role of EU Election Observation Missions

• Organizational issues/team skills

• Legal issues

• Observer code of conduct

• Handling of secure and sensitive information


Introduction to Buddhism: Path to Freedom, Root Institute, Bodhgaya, India. Competences developed:

• Knowledge about religious thinking

• Intercultural knowledge


Security, DANIDA's Centre For Competence Development, Danish Emergency Management Agency, Snekkersten. Competences developed:

• Conflict management

• The mandate of international organizations

• Hostage situations

• Evacuations

• Stress Management

• Standard Operation Procedures

• Health issues

• Knowledge of mines and roadside bombs


International Humanitarian Law, DANIDA's Centre For Competence Development, Danish Emergency Management Agency, Snekkersten, Denmark. Competences developed:

• General information about the laws

• Prosecuting international war crimes

• Prisoners of war

• Terror in armed conflicts


Public Affairs Management (HD), final degree, Aarhus School of Business.


The Poynter Institute, Florida, USA: "What We Can Learn from Models of Remarkable Journalism", Competences developed:

• Journalistic creativity

• Awareness of management skills

   Ethical judgment

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