Climate Changers


Man with a green mission
David Suzuki is a name Canadians will instantly associate with the environment. Ranked as one of the top ten greatest Canadians by CBC, Suzuki is a man who’s dedicated his life to green activism.

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Fighting for urban lung spaces
In Cuba, The Forester, a digital bulletin, publishes news of illegal or excessive urban pruning. It exposes local examples of what has been called by experts “a silent and progressive deforestation of the city”.

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A greener path to the oil patch
John Nenniger, CEO of Calgary based, N-Solv Corp., has developed a way to extract oil from sands while producing almost zero emissions. "If our technology lives up to its promise, we could eliminate greenhouse gas emissions," he says.

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The Libertarian answer to climate change: Seasteading

Patri Friedman, son of anarcho-capitalist professor David Friedman, and grandson of Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman, promotes seasteading  - that is permanent, autonomous, ocean communities, enabling innovation with new political and social systems.

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