Climate Changers

Stories from Asia

Building a green tomorrow
An organization in one of India's largest states is charting out the future of India's Green Building Movement, a project it has been pioneering for nearly a decade.

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A recycle bin for junk hardware
Attero Recycling, named after the Latin word for waste, is a one-of-its-kind Indian firm that's actually making profits by being eco-friendly when recycling e-waste.

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Green shoots of change
Meet a passionate youngster, a member of a growing network of twenty-somethings in India, who are convinced about the dangers of climate change and who want to convince young India about it.

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Defending a river: Fighting against the big dams
This is a fascinating tale of an environment organization in India which is fighting a losing battle against big dams but continues to inspire others with its noble failure.

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Small country, big steps
The Kyrgyz Republic might be a small country but it has ratified the Kyoto Protocol and is taking big national-level measures to combat climate change.

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Reforesting the sea
The University of Philippines is doing pioneering work in rehabilitating precious mangroves in oil-spill affected areas near the Visayas sea.

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