Climate Changers

Stories from Europe

When music turns carbon neutral
Low energy technology is the future in the action against climate change, says the co-founder of the world's first ‘truly’ carbon neutral festival. But it has to be trendy and free of finger wagging, she adds.

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Camping to save the planet
Climate Campers is a non-hierarchial and anti-capitalist movement that uses mass gatherings as a means to take action on climate change. Its four main tenets are movement building, providing examples of sustainable living, education and direct action.

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At the precipice of becoming history

Eco-activists are putting up a small but spirited fight to save a historically unique, beautiful corner of the Balkans in Ukraine.

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New German website helps consumers make the right choices
Consumer organizations in Germany have come together to put up a user-friendly unique website on climate change that not only busts myths but is also helping the average consumer understand where he is going wrong.

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The politics of renewable energy
The closure or continuation of the nuclear power station Garoña has become a symbol both inside and outside Spain of the political struggle to come to terms with climate change.

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A caravan for the climate
Climate change is still only a fringe issue in Serbia but now things are changing with a ‘Climate Caravan' trying to spread more awareness about environmental issues.

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With a carrot and a mob
If one day you’re faced with empty shelves in the store next door, it will not be due to the economic crisis but rather owing to quite an inspiring goal: Saving the earth! Consumers band together in mobs to provide incentives to shop owners to take action on climate change.

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Hot dog stand with a climate mission
From the world’s most travelled hot dog stand, Fanny Posselt serves Danish hot dogs around the globe. By giving away free fast food, she hopes to inspire strangers to make a positive difference to the environment.

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Rafting to spread the word
To encourage people to take care of our Earth, the Polish Green Network is coming up with innovative programmes including rafting campaigns, free bike services and movie screenings.

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Calling for climate justice
The rich countries have to pay, or the developing countries will suffer. Especially millions of women are at risk, if we don’t agree on fighting the consequences of climate change, says MS Action Aid Denmark.

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A Danish energy fairy tale
Cars that run on bio fuel, mills all over and around the island, and an Energy Academy. In the heart of Denmark lies a tiny, green island where people make extraordinary things that attract worldwide attention.

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Climate change: A fight without hope?
“It is still more of a hobby than a lifestyle”. These are the words José Carlos Fuentes Sanchez, coordinator of the climate change action for “Amigos de la Tierra” (Friends of Earth - FOE) NPO, in Madrid, uses to describe the current social tendency in Spanish society towards climate change issues.

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Cutting emissions starting from the entertainment sector
AzzeroCO2” in Italian means to cut CO2 emissions down to zero and  it is in fact an organization that has a realistic prospective of implementing these reductions in Italy. It helps the music industry put together sustainable concert tours and has introduced zero co2 emission cooking.

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The flowery city of Lunel goes greener
Lunel is a village of 25,000 inhabitants, in the south of France. Pratick Laout, Head of the local environmental council, exposes future green city projects and the necessary means given to the residents to change their non-sustainable habits.

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Journalist has served the climate for 17 years
A Finnish journalist considers keeping so called ordinary people updated on climate topics her  main duty. “We need to explain why something happens and how it may affect everyday life.” Johanna Mannila has been explaining climate issues to her readers since 1992.

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