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3 November 2009

Press release

Leading philosopher Hans Köchler explains
intercultural dialogue at Aarhus conference

Intercultural dialogue is the topic of the week in Aarhus. The city, the region, the university and Grundfos will announce the winners of the new Global Dialogue Prize on Thursday, and Friday one of the world’s leading philosophers, Hans Köchler, will speak about the philosphy and politics behind intercultural dialogue.

Köchler will give a keynote speech at the end of the conference “Responsibility Across Borders? Climate Change as Challenge for Intercultural Inquiry on Values”, that opens at Aarhus University today and closes on Friday.

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Aarhus, 1 November 2009

Press release

Danish companies join conference to discuss climate responsibility

Novo Nordisk, Maersk Line and the Confederation of Danish Industries will provide inspiration on how Danish companies can take responsibility for climate change at the conference "Responsibility Across Borders? Climate Change as Challenge for Intercultural Inquiry on Values". The conference takes place at Aarhus University from 3-6 November 2009.

Right now, climate change is one of the biggest challenges for Danish companies. They can either stand by and await initiatives by public institutions or national and international competitors and organisations. Or they can work work proactively to formulate their own strategies and policies.

Representatives from Novo Nordisk, Maersk Line and the Confederation of Danish Industries will provide concrete examples of how they work with climate issues at the session that takes place Friday 6 November 9.00-10.15 hours.

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Aarhus, 27 October 2009

Press release

Conference in Denmark aims to place
the moral responsibility for climate change

A conference at Aarhus University in Denmark takes a radically different approach to the question of climate change when it opens next week. The conference will not talk about climate politics or climate science but focus on how we as individuals can take moral responsibility for and maybe even enjoy better life styles because of climate change.

The issues will be tackled from the very beginning of the conference called “Responsibility Across Borders: Climate Change as Challenge for Intercultural Inquiry on Values”. The conference opens with an untraditional dialogue session on
Tuesday 3 November from 14.00 to 17.00 hours.

The session will gather academics from within philosophy, education, journalism and economic psychology who will be asked about the specific responsibilities of their professions to help the world's citizens to grapple with climate change.

Representatives from Maersk Line and Grundfos will talk about the possible contributions from the business world. And a representative from the People's Climate Summit in Copenhagen will answer the question of how you make sure that the views of all cultures are heard when 10,000 people meet for the summit in December.

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Aarhus, 14 October 2009

Press release

Conference focuses on the climate
responsibilities of journalists

Journalists should cut back on drama and appeals to fear when covering climate issues, if they want to help their audiences take responsibility for climate change. Instead they should emphasize what actions the individual can take and also show how climate change impacts on the lives of people in developing countries.
So says Susanna Priest, professor of journalism at University of Nevada, USA. Susanna Priest will be delivering one of the key note speeches at an upcoming conference in Aarhus, Denmark, about the values that motivate individuals to act on climate change.

Susanna Priest will not be talking about whether journalists have an obligation towards the climate, instead she will provide research based advice on what journalists can do if they want to take on a more advocacy oriented role.

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Aarhus, 16 September 2009

Press release

Conference in Denmark starts global dialogue
on the climate values of individuals

Say the words climate change and most people think of the upcoming climate summit in Copenhagen, CO2 emissions or energy saving light bulbs. But people should also think about culture and personal values when they hear the words climate change, says a group of academic researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark.

From 3-6 November 2009, the research unit ICON (Interculturality, Conflict and Value Studies) will be hosting an international conference at Aarhus University that will gather researchers and practitioners from the humanities, human sciences, education, journalism and the business world.

They meet to initiate a global dialogue across cultures and professions about the personal values that will motivate citizens to take responsibility for and adapt to the new reality.

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