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To me David Suchet is one of the most versatile and brilliant character actors of his time. He is superb and convincing in any project, he takes. Each time I watch him in a new role, his shape, face, voice and inner character is completely different from the previous. Not only that, he literally seems to transform into the character, he’s portraying, he absorbs it, he becomes it, he is the character… His talent and appearance never stop fascinating me, it's an ever-lasting thrill to witness his skills.


His portrayal of Agatha Christie’s little Belgian (not French!) detective Hercule Poirot with the funny little moustache and “little grey cells” has enchanted me throughout the years. I adore Poirot’s eccentricity, his elegancy, his wits, his irony, his egocentricity, his vulnerability...  - but most of all I adore him for being performed by such a wonderful and splendid actor as David Suchet. No other has carried the character to higher perfection and more excellent performance than him, and no other ever shall. There is only one Poirot - and he comes in the shape of Suchet.


This site is dedicated to the actor David Suchet. I wanted to create a site in tribute to his talent. There is much to read about him on the Internet, but I never found exactly what I was looking for, the site that sums it all up and with the right touch. So I thought, why not try to create one myself... This is also my way of expressing my gratitude towards Mr. Suchet for having given me so many hours of fun, laughter and enjoyment. Not only by his characterization of Poirot, but also by his splendid performance in so many other films and TV-series - to mention just a few: Sunday, The way we live now, Executive decision, Seesaw, Sabotage, Live from Baghdad, The In-Laws, Solomon...   


As for Suchet's stage performances, I sadly have to say, I haven't had the opportunity yet to watch any - but I know, I would have enjoyed watching Amadeus or Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf among others... I'm rather fascinated by the character of Salieri in Amadeus, and I can't imagine Suchet being less than brilliant in that role. I do plan to watch him on stage, though. As a matter of fact, if all goes well, I'm going to London to watch The Last Confession - and what can I say other than.... I'm really looking forward to that!


The site will develop and expand over time - this is only meant to be a start. When I get the time – and the skills – I do intend for it to be transferred to another site with more capacity of including fully text to bios, filmography, stage roles etc. and with space enough for my own video clips. When the time comes, the site will also get its own domain name. 


In the meantime I will try to keep you updated with the latest on Suchet’s whereabouts on stage performances, filmmaking and other works. Please notice, that this is not an official site, and I have no personal contact with Mr. Suchet. All my knowledge of his upcoming projects I get entirely from newsletters and alerts. 


I hope you will enjoy the site as much as I enjoy making it. Have fun…

Sanna - 5 July 2007 
PS - as of 12th of September 2007 I can say I have watched Suchet on stage! What a joy! You can read my “review” on that experience here 
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Updated May 2008


In January 2008 I was diagnosed with recurring breast cancer in ovaries, lymph nodes, lung and liver.


Since it's everywhere in my body, the doctors can only try and suppress it with chemo and maybe now and then remove a tumour or two. If the treatment helps and I can handle its side effects, I might still be alive for the next couple of years. 
I really, really want to fully complete this website - the illness means, however, that I won’t have that much time and energy I thought I would have, and I have to try and finish it much faster and probably less detailed than I planned in the first place. I will still do my best to maintain and update it whenever and as long as I can, and hopefully I’ll be able to hand it over to somebody else in due time. 
Sanna - May 2008